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  1. derek kelly

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    Just had the spare wheel mounted on the back door of the new horsebox & we are after a customised cover for it, I’ve seen covers but we want our own details on it & we don’t want a stick on disc as I don’t think they’d hold up to the weather, anybody know anywhere that does the whole package?
  2. Cougar377

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  3. derek kelly

    derek kelly The Deli lama Club Sponsor

    Cheers Cougar but Bev doesn’t like the rigid cover, that’s the problem we have found a few places that do the vinyl ones but they are plain & if you want them customised you have to buy a sticker.
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  4. andyBeaker

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    How about getting a rigid cover vinyl wrapped?

    Just a thought.

    What are you going to have on the cover? about

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