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Discussion in 'Charity events' started by Raymundo, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Raymundo

    Raymundo Registered User Read Only

    I'm thinking of doing this:

    1000 miles in 24 hours, begins and ends at Squires, IBA sanctioned and all that.

    Anyone up for it? Tips?

    Possible sponsorship????
  2. rudest1963

    rudest1963 Registered User Read Only

    its agood ride

    Sounds good to me, most i have managed in 13.5hrs was 851miles.
    Its always good to raise money for charity, and ride the Bird
  3. Rolfy Dave

    Rolfy Dave Registered User Read Only

    Sorry, cant do that... We will be in Germany during that weekend...

    Have a good time,

  4. Grapefruits

    Grapefruits Registered User Read Only

    Looks like a good one to do, taking the top route look favourite so long as the weather isn't pissing down up north and sunny down sarrrff speak later about it need to get some work done for a change
  5. bub1664

    bub1664 eddie yates mate Read Only

    me and rivabill done one last year, possibly doing one again this year, 1128 miles in 18hrs 47mins. take in plenty of fluids(water) eat small snacks / meals when you fill up. buy a touring seat or cheaper option an airhawk. we had to stop every 100 miles for fuel due to a gsxr 750 that was with us. best tip.....enjoy it
  6. CStanley

    CStanley Resident deviant Read Only

    I'd love to do something like the RBLR1000 but not sure if I'd be up to it. Got no experience of endurance riding and I'd be worried that the immensity of the task would only dawn as I rolled up at the start checkpoint -lol

  7. Raymundo

    Raymundo Registered User Read Only

    The only long distance I've done is Manchester to London and back in a day. I did the 215 miles of the return leg in 3:05, with two coffee/cig stops.

    Thanks to the d/bubble screen and gel seat, I didn't even ache.

    I'm thinking 1000 miles in 20 hours is do-able, at least I'd be happy with that.
  8. CStanley

    CStanley Resident deviant Read Only

    I've been mulling this over for the last few days and I've slowly come to the conclusion that although 'doable', this kind of thing would definately not be my idea of fun. Especially solely for the purposes of 'badge collecting'. I'd hazard a guess that only a small minority of other riders would consider a 1000 mile/24 hour run purely for 'fun' even if there was nowt to gain from it.
    I'm thinking of maybe having a little road trip up through Scotland (JO'G) and back when the weather's better. Lash the tent to the bike and take a leisurely 4 days maybe to take in the scenery and enjoy the trip. Much more enjoyable!

  9. Raymundo

    Raymundo Registered User Read Only


    I think for me it's a chance to enjoy the bird at legal(ish) speeds, and for what it's meant for. I don't want my bike to be a garage queen, and my time is fairly precious (I have my son for the bulk of my annual leave, so long weekends are the only time I get to myself).

    Plus it's a camping weekend, lots of different bikes and bikers, and a bit of dosh for charity.

    LDRers actually have a sizeable community; and I can't comment on the satisfaction of an event without giving it a go.

    If I were into 'badge collecting' I would have joined the scouts. Or bought a harley.
  10. CStanley

    CStanley Resident deviant Read Only

    Lol... Yeah, fair enough :-0). I'm sure it will be an experience to say the least and the social side of it will definately be a blast. It's just that the ride itself (for me at least) would be too much endurance and not enough enjoyment. I'm lucky in that I work a 4 on / 4 off shift so having those 4 days off every week, well, it would be almost a crime not to use them for some constructive touring :yo:.

  11. Raymundo

    Raymundo Registered User Read Only


    I remember an interview (BIKE?) where Warchild said he got into endurance riding after 'a bloodbath of a divorce' and that the endless miles calmed his mind.

    Certainly, I find the concentration of riding the 'bird at my ability level is enough to blot out all my other worries. They just don't enter my head when I'm trying my best to ride smooth, fast, skilled, etc.

    In fact it's one of the major reasons I like to be on a bike. I don't get much joy from polishing, tinkering, etc. I just like to ride.

    I'm not sure I can make the 1000 miles in 24 hours, but I do think I'd like to give it a crack.
  12. Bird_Mad

    Bird_Mad Registered User


    I'm new to this forum and just seen this post.

    I have done quite a bit of endurance riding and there is quite a bit of interest in the UK. 1,000 miles in 24hrs is the benchmark in long distance riding and 17 to 20 hours should be about thr right amount of time. I've done this a few times just for fun.

    I have also done 1,500 in 36 hours. Some people out there go for 1,500 miles in 24hrs but that is to extreme for me.

    You should have a look at the following site if your interested in this -

    Cheers, Dean.
  13. Raymundo

    Raymundo Registered User Read Only

    Thanks Dean; I just found the IBA forum via ADVRider. But thanks for the heads-up.

    My and my g/f Sophie (on her Ninja 250) were going to do the run, but it now looks like she'll be pillion. She wanted to do the run on her bike, but at least this way cuts down on fuel costs and we'll still have a good time.

    best, Ray
  14. rivabill

    rivabill Registered User Read Only

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