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Resurrection Complete -and the Bird flies once more

Discussion in 'Owners Bikes' started by Toast, Feb 19, 2019.

  1. Toast

    Toast Birdie Maniac Club Sponsor

    Through the MOT and rides like a Blackbird should. Thanks to Grant for the bits, resprayed now and all good. Well worth the hours in the shed and the lungfulls of spray paint.

    This weekend - a BLAST to either Crossgatesor The Ponderosa in Wales, or possibly the Quat Cafe in Shropshire to really stretch her legs... Or even, all three. DSCN9973.JPG DSCN9971.JPG
  2. Cougar377

    Cougar377 Express elevator to hell Club Sponsor

    Smart paint job. (y)

    You could've got all the no. 50's to match, though....:rolleyes:
  3. Toast

    Toast Birdie Maniac Club Sponsor

    I only painted the fairing & mudguard, to be honest; the rest is as-was when I got the bike (post-accident- the previous owner didn't have the time to repair is - especially as it won't meet the ULEZ coming in this April - wasn't financially viable for him). I would have loved to have repainted the lot, but the cost was prohibitive on what is a second bike / toy. Cost £400, total to date £855 including shiny new MOT, Cheap speed...
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