Ponderosa & Horseshoe pass

Discussion in 'B.I.R.D. rideout scheduler' started by Rolfy Dave, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Rolfy Dave

    Rolfy Dave Registered User Read Only

    Well, the weather look promising for tomorrow, so looks like Jan & I are going to have a little tootle out on the bike.

    Leaving Kiddy around 0930, & heading up through Shropshire to end up at the Ponderosa for lunchtime 1230 for 1300...

    Should be there around an hour sor so before wending our way south for home (via Ludlow food centre :lick: )...

    Might even see a few folks whilst out... we hope.

    Best wishes,

    Rolfy & Jan
  2. trippo00

    trippo00 Registered User Read Only

    Im out Sunday Dave...
  3. Tinytim

    Tinytim Registered User Read Only

    What a meaningful and useful fookin post ya knobsac(k).

    I'm doing some washing on Monday by the way.

    For fooks sakes, I go out for a few pints and a kebab, come home and pop in here and I have to read fookin shite like "I'm out Sunday Dave" What the fook is that all about ya cnoot ? Rolfy's out later today, Saturday OK, not Sunday or Monday or Tuesfeekinday, Saturtwattingday OK? Any other day anyone else is doing anything is fekkin irrelevant.

    ....and breathe.......:-0)
  4. TANK0700

    TANK0700 big soft, not so cuddly Read Only

    nice to see you have mellowed in 2013 , and now you stop and breath, @tu*
  5. ramo

    ramo rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Club Sponsor

    welsh coooont


    ignore the welsh coooont:wank:

    he'l soon foook sumfing up again8rfl@
  6. Tinytim

    Tinytim Registered User Read Only

    Go get fooked Gaylord :wank:

  7. super_black_druid_xx

    super_black_druid_xx Registered User Read Only



    Checked the forum last night before 10 and nothing :dunno:.

    Just back from 146 mile trip and for once didn't go to the ponderosa. @tu*

    Mold, Ruthin, Cerrig y drudion, Betws y coed, Ffestiniog, Llanrwst, Abergele then home.

    Cheeers Dave. Catch you next time then.
  8. Rolfy Dave

    Rolfy Dave Registered User Read Only

    Well, that was a fab-u-lous day....Just under 200 miles around North Wales & Shropshire.

    Morning coffee in Shrewsbury.

    Lunch at The Ponderosa.

    Afternoon tea at The Ludlow Food Centre.

    a blast over the Clee Hills for home again.

    Temps well above the seasonal norms, and NO RAIN @tu*

    Sorry we missed each other Druid. Hopefully next time eh ??

    Its days like this that make me well glad I kept the bike on the road over the winter... Though few and far between, they do make life worthwhile in the winter months.

    Hoping to meet Trippo for brekkie at Quatt in the morning (Suzie is going to drive us over there in her own little Ka (complete with L plates :eek:) before going to work.

    Cheers all,

    Rolfy & Jan
  9. trippo00

    trippo00 Registered User Read Only

    Rolfy......................brecky is now gonna be 10 o'clock at the Raven instead pal @tu*

    As fer you Nicebutdim timothy...................................Bollix man8umman8umman8um

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