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In the News Police

Discussion in 'Coffee Shop' started by ogr1, Mar 26, 2020 at 8:12 PM.

  1. ogr1

    ogr1 I can still see ya..... Club Sponsor

    I see the law in Yorky land are stopping
    bikers amongst other road users.
    I can't see the problem really as long as you don't stop? It's not like we ride naked...
    (ok, some may do on here.)
    Full tank of juice..check.
    Covered from head to toe..check.
    not socialising..check.
    600 metre distance..check.:D
    Back home in time for tea & medals..check.
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  2. derek kelly

    derek kelly The Deli lama Club Sponsor

    They are doing it everywhere to make sure your journey is necessary, think on if you have an accident you are putting yourself & others in danger.
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  3. ogr1

    ogr1 I can still see ya..... Club Sponsor

    It is part of my daily hourly exercise.
  4. JayTee

    JayTee Old Hand Club Sponsor

    I think it’s all about not taking up existing resources.
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  5. sr71caspar

    sr71caspar B̶a̶n̶n̶e̶d̶ Club Sponsor

    What happens if you crash whilst out?
    Resources needed elsewhere diverted to you.
    Much needed hospital bed taken up by you.
    Possibly treated by a paramedic carrying the Covid19 virus.

    Don't be a selfish fuckwit.
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  6. Stevebrooke

    Stevebrooke Knee up, wheel down Club Sponsor

    I was wondering about having a trip out in the MX5 as it seemed harmless enough but, after thinking about it a bit I realised it wasn't such a good idea as in the event of a breakdown or accident other people would have to come to my assistance.
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  7. johnboy

    johnboy rather fond of a cream bun Club Sponsor

    Nothing to stop you taking MX5 to get your shopping.
  8. andyBeaker

    andyBeaker Moderator Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    Hard to believe but I have just Liked your post.


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  9. ogr1

    ogr1 I can still see ya..... Club Sponsor

    I can be what the feck I like...turd brain.
    Well...you started it.
    How is it selfish?
    Any vehicle could have an rta.
    Doesn't matter a fuck where you are going...legit or not.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2020 at 10:58 PM
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  10. Cougar377

    Cougar377 Express elevator to hell Club Sponsor

    I don't see the problem...plus it's also good for your mental health.

    In terms of risking injury and taking up resources... there's plenty of others out there just as likely to fill up A&E....

    Loads of the lycra brigade out on the roads
    I've also seen plenty of mountainbikers out and about
    You could get run over while walking your dog or having your government approved constitutional (I've seen loads of arseholes stepping off the pavement - iPod or phone in hand and not looking because they think there's no traffic to worry about)
    The number of f*ckwits doing DIY around their houses/gardens means there's going to be more than the usual numbers showing up at A&E
    Plus kids bored and restricted to the garden

    And don't get me started on these townie cretins that are flocking to the hills "to get some fresh air".

    Nah. Get out there and enjoy it. You're just as entitled as anyone else.
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  11. sr71caspar

    sr71caspar B̶a̶n̶n̶e̶d̶ Club Sponsor

  12. sr71caspar

    sr71caspar B̶a̶n̶n̶e̶d̶ Club Sponsor

    I suppose encouraging Darwinism is a good long term solution. :D
  13. ogr1

    ogr1 I can still see ya..... Club Sponsor

    Quite indeed ..
    I am fully aware of the risks...Thanks.
    You jumped the gun with your flippant personal remark whilst assuming i had
    already (in your eyes) put extra pressure on the emergency services by having a short motorcycle ride.
    Well, I did not actually go anywhere fyi.
    I have a higher percentage risk of injury at work, due to the nature of the job and the environment i actually work in & on a daily basis.
    On top of that, there is a real risk i or any other colleague could catch this shitty virus.
    Yes it bothers me and unfortunately i am classed as an essential worker so I have no option, but to attend. Not that your bothered.
    You would probably accept that it was my fault entirely if I got attacked via a patient or injured whilst using my power tools or indeed if I caught this virus whilst at work..
    After all... I would be wasting valuable Government resources.:rolleyes:
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2020 at 5:59 PM
  14. Cougar377

    Cougar377 Express elevator to hell Club Sponsor

    The wife was out for a run (government approved exercise) a couple of days ago and managed to go base over apex on some loose gravel on the road edge.
    Luckily she only skinned her knee and the palms of both hands, but it might have been bad enough to require a trip to A&E.
    She wasn't doing anything risky, but sometimes shit happens anyway.

    Besides which, it's good for my mental health as she's a happier woman if she gets her runs in. ;)
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  15. slim63

    slim63 Never surrender Club Sponsor

    I got one of those as well, she runs & I am happy, she comes back every time though & my mental health suffers :D

    I pulled up alongside her in the car a few months ago & said if you wanted to come here I would have given you a lift …….. she didn't speak to me for a week …………………… bonus :D
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2020 at 7:44 AM
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  16. sr71caspar

    sr71caspar B̶a̶n̶n̶e̶d̶ Club Sponsor

    Your work is essential. Going out to ride for pleasure isn't.

    The few FB motorcycle groups I'm in are full of millenials asking the same thing.
    It's a shame that some people are too stupid to realise how stupid they are, I can only hope that they don't breed.
  17. andyBeaker

    andyBeaker Moderator Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    Again I am in agreement.:facepalm:

    Maybe if you hadn't called the original poster a 'F*ckw*t' you may have been better received......personal insults never go down well.
  18. andyBeaker

    andyBeaker Moderator Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    I can't see how motorcycling for pleasure can fall into the government instructions (instructions, not 'guidelines ') to the nation.

    It is not physical exercise in any shape or form.

    However, commuting to and from essential work by motorbike would appear to be ideal compared to using public transport in terms of social distancing and avoiding high risk environments.

    Be safe out there(y)
  19. sr71caspar

    sr71caspar B̶a̶n̶n̶e̶d̶ Club Sponsor

    I say it as I see it. :nusenuse:

    You should know that. :D
  20. andyBeaker

    andyBeaker Moderator Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    How to win friends and influence people!!
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