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Pointless !


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Ok DLN1965 , a few tips. Please take this as constructive observations, take them on board and learn from them.

Firstly, may I comgratulate you on going for the ‘hands clasped behind the back’ look, a well tried technique for preventing the classic game show errors of applauding yourself like a deranged seal and/or punching the air when you (or in this case, obviously, your good lady) got an answer right or, vitally, an opponent gets something wrong. However, it didn’t quite work; there were two, possibly three instances where the hands involuntarily appeared on their way to doing embarrassing fist pumps before you checked yourself. Not a good look.

Dress code. Oh dear. Probably warrants another thread all to itself.

when asked ‘what will,you do with the money if you win’ acceptable answers are ‘I am going to support the local animal hospice’ (obviously not in my case), ‘donate to RNLI’, ‘send a child I know who is very ill to Disneyland. Anything that is generally p*sing it up the wall such as ‘re spraying my kit car’ must be avoided. Clearly this does not apply to your good lady who thoroughly deserves a trip to Scandinavia. I throughly recommend Copenhagen by the way.