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Places to go or ideas?

Discussion in 'Touring Issues' started by Jono, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Jono

    Jono Super Sponsor Club Sponsor

    Off to Spain in September, Portsmouth -Bilbao return. Second visit, did the Picos last time.
    Heading to Salamanca for 3 nights, then open to suggestions. We were going to return to San Sebastian but been there, done that, nice but very expensive.
    So any ideas would be welcome, have about 4 days to play with before returning to Bilbao, touring two up.
    Looking to combine somewhere nice for her and a good route for me h1d1ng2
  2. Jono

    Jono Super Sponsor Club Sponsor

    Route planned...for now :-0)
  3. rolf.b

    rolf.b Registered User Read Only

    Thinking of doing the Picos next year with a mate.
    How long did you spend there?
    Do you recommend it.
  4. Jono

    Jono Super Sponsor Club Sponsor

    Hi, stayed for a week around the Picos, highly recommend it, we had a villa on the edge of the Picos. great roads, great scenery, you won't be disappointed :yo:
    I was on a Pan 2 up and still had a ball. I'll dig out some routes we did tomorrow if you need them.
  5. rolf.b

    rolf.b Registered User Read Only

    That'll be good thanks.
    Not sure if we'll just use one place as a base though, more likely to ride & find digs on route.
    That's what we did in France & Pyrenees.
  6. Jono

    Jono Super Sponsor Club Sponsor

    Couple of routes, first is a circular route, we took the day to ride it.
    Start: Cangas De Onis on N625, follow that route to Riano, there's a large lake and cafe's etc, then take the N621 to return toward the coast, goes through a really nice place called Potes, about halfway back and a good coffee/drinks stop, very picturesque, then continue on the A621 out to the A8/E70 coast road.
    You can do this route either way round, great roads, lovely scenery.

    Another is back in from the A8/E70 coast road, same way toward Potes on N621, go through Potes then take the CA-185 toward Fuente De. At the end of this road there is a cable car station/cafe etc. You can get a cable car up to the viewpoint, El Portal de Picos, spectacular views across the Picos, good head for heights required :eek:

    Third: From A8 coast road, head in on the A634 to Coviella, then take the N625 for Cangas De Onis. From Cangas De Onis head toward Soto De Cangas on AS-114, then take the AS-262, then onto the CO-4 toward Lagos De Covadonga, good run up a twisty on good tarmac to a large lake and parking area at Lagos De Covadonga, great views again.

    In the main the roads are excellent, good tarmac, great views and some interesting corners, narrow in places with overhanging rock, just keep an eye out for rocks from recent rockfall, not everywhere but the places to be careful will be easily spotted, and goats h1d1ng2, no road sense whatsoever @tu*
  7. rolf.b

    rolf.b Registered User Read Only

    Thanks for posting that.
    Will have a look on Google earth.
    As for the goats, know what you mean. When we did the Pyrenees we had horses & a herd or 2 of cows loitering in the road.
    Oh yes & cyclists doing 35mph picking up a tow downhill approaching switchbacks,they're crazy.
  8. maliknitin040

    maliknitin040 Registered User

    nice thought

    nice thought is sharing by the many guys who is looking to travel here and there

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