Pcb repair ?

Discussion in 'Help with all other issues' started by slim63, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. slim63

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    Anyone know how to test & repair a printed circuit board cheaply ?

    Its for a welder, I have found if you bypass the board the fan etc works so I assume its one of the components on the board that is broken ?

    Any help at all on this would be gladly received
  2. andyBeaker

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    I had a problem with a pcb in a boiler. I was extremely lucky in thatit was resolved by disconnecting every connection and cleaning with a fibreglass pencil (eBay or maplins if they are still open) and giving the connections and the board itself a massive blast of contact cleaner.

    Worth a try?
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  3. Squag1

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    Check all the solder joints on the board.
    You can have a 'dry joint' where the solder has lifted off the pcb.
    It might be black from arcing.
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  4. slim63

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    Thanks for the reply's gents, it seems I got it wrong, it didn't light up or make a racket as every welder I have owned previously din so I'd assumed it didn't work, the PO just came round & put me straight on that :)

    It works (y)

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