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Discussion in 'Coffee Shop' started by Squag1, Jul 14, 2019.

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    Typical bikers, they just pull in to Sherburn, spot their mates, and just stop and start talking to them, completely oblivious to the 20 or so bikes sat behind them unable to pass as the way the tossers have left/abandoned their bikes!! at least there wasn't a car parked in the spot above!!
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    Please consider that many custom cruiser bikers are mainly weekend only types ie during the week
    the heaviest item they lift is a paper clip,or a clipboard !
    Therefore it would be far too much to expect them to manoeuvre a shiny bike into a more considerate
    parking slot. Oh and they answer the phone thus ....“Hi ,this is Malcom in IT support .how can I help you?”
    Love you all.
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    Post script to my list I’m a sponsor I believe. I have a black nose cone in need of refurb,it’s from my old 99 Inj.
    A hole 2 inch square just left of headlight,FOC !collection required from PO16.Hants.
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    Edited for you:D

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