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Fitted the new clear rear lens and LED lamps as well as the clear indicator covers at the weekend. Also got all the polished bits back from 321 which are all nicely fitted as well. All I got to fit now are the white clock faces and all my tarty bits are done, well until the front indicator lens's become available.

Once the new number plate comes I'll post a piccy (oh no, not again!) of the rear end (ooeerrr missis) cos the LED look real cool behind the clear cover.

Because I had to take the exhausts off so I could get the hanger polished, it was the first time I'd fired her up for over a month, during which time my Optimate has been keeping her topped up. Well she fired up first time of asking and so I sat in the garage listening to the luverly Quills barking out their mating call !!
I'd forgotten how absolutely brilliant she sounds and it just makes me wish for salt free roads even more now !!

Roll on Spring........:yo: