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    A colleague was telling me about an interview he’d seen about an Australian cricketer who felt suicidal, his plan was to book into the top floor of a particular hotel & throw himself off the balcony.
    He eventually realised this wasn’t the answer so he discussed it with his wife & to get closure they decided they’d book into the hotel but on his wife’s insistence a ground floor room.
    When they booked in his wife went for a shower & he sat out on the balcony, whilst out there he heard a thud & looked, a woman had thrown herself from the top floor, he apparently went & sat with her, (she wasn’t quite dead at that stage) my colleague whilst relating the tale told me that apparently the woman had had her hair done, put on her make up & her best dress, (now here it comes) my colleague without realising what he was saying said “she was drop dead gorgeous”
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