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Just finished my spruce up ready for a trip with the boys to Strasbourg on thursday. Black forest on friday, alsace on saturday and loads of chick watchin' and beer swillin' in between. Then sunday back to good old blighty. Fitted an Ohlins rear shock and Ohlins fork springs. Nice new fork oil and seals and some new EBC HH pads all round. Oil change tonight and new rubber the morrow. (full set of Bridgestone 020's ?170 fitted at cox's motorcylces Eastleigh use him all the time highly recommended).
Visited Steve Jordan Motorcycles on saturday morning what a top man and a top place. Customer service was unbeleivable. Boy that lad knows his stuff. He did a suspension set up for me on the new Ohlins, checked the brakes and laser tracked the wheel alignement all for ?35 quid. May Sound pricey but he spent a full hour tinkering until everything was just right. He explained everything as he went along and gave me a data sheet at the end with all my settings on. 4 of us all went to him and he did their stock bikes and we all agree WOW !!!! OMFG !!!! What a difference I cant beleive its the same bike!! Its that good ! The Ohlins is a big difference and with the set-up its stonkin'
Cant wait till thursday can wait until the missus sees the credit card statement next month Gulp !! Any questions on fitment or settings post here and I will endevour to respond.


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Your Ohlins

was thinking of getting Maxtons to fettle my suspension. What can you tell me about the Ohlins setup? Which unit and price (assuming the Misses has seen the bill by now!)?