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Oh ffs v2.0

Discussion in 'Coffee Shop' started by andyBeaker, Nov 10, 2019 at 7:44 AM.

  1. andyBeaker

    andyBeaker Moderator Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    we have gusts this weekend and unhelpfully our kettle decided to pack up.

    We have an Argos collection point fifteen minutes away so I did a quick run through their kettles and found one 'in s rockat your local collection point'. Wicked.

    So I ordered it and got a text back saying it would be ready for collection after 4pm, some six hours later:rocket:

    Anyway, at 15.48 I got a'your item is ready for collection' test.

    So I nip,down there and the young lady says ' this happens all,the time, all it means that the item I should in the cage of goods that was delivered at 15.48 that hasn't been opened and unpacked yet, you'll have to come back later'.

    Which I didn't, they got to it after about fifteen minutes.

    The people,who design these systems :rocket: should be forced,to stand in front of customers to see if they work in the real world rather than in computer code.
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  2. derek kelly

    derek kelly The Deli lama Club Sponsor

    You’re entertaining winds?
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  3. sr71caspar

    sr71caspar B̶a̶n̶n̶e̶d̶ Club Sponsor

    Perhaps he can only afford to eat beans after paying the phone bill?
  4. Cougar377

    Cougar377 Express elevator to hell Club Sponsor

    Shopping at Argos....! You'll be seen in Asda next. :eek:
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  5. Pow-Lo

    Pow-Lo B.I.R.D Legend Club Sponsor

    Were you drunk when you wrote this?
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  6. Jaws

    Jaws Corporal CockUp Staff Member Moderator

    Argos here is bloody useless too
    Do a click and collect is a waste of time.. Still have to stand around for 20 minutes while the staff discuss where they went to the night before etc etc!
    And B&Q are a sodding joke
    Do a click and collect, pay for it on line and go round and collect t...nope.. You can collect it the day after even though the item(s) are sitting there on the shelf !

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