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O'BASH 2105 Website

Discussion in '2015 McBash On Tour - The O'Bash' started by russ_fae_fyvie, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. tsm23

    tsm23 Registered User Read Only

    Exchange rate

    The exchange rate i they will with great happiness take your pound and in exchange tell you to feck off at the toll. Rates vary so do check out the garages and shops if you stop. A full tank will get you to Carnlough from the ferry. Newry is a good place to stop just over the border (sterling) easy parking and loads of cafes, pub grub and fast food. And then straight back on the A1 if you are going the direct route.
    Ps if you have any probs I live 10 mins from Newry garage,tools, and anything else you might need.
    And Gary knows more about his end of the country so I'm sure he will keep you right that side of the border.
  2. Gary Bartley

    Gary Bartley Registered User Read Only

    Will do @tu*
  3. Hertog Jan

    Hertog Jan Registered User Read Only

    Russ ? Hmm I've once met a Russ. Some Scottish bloke. With a strangly painted Blackbird...

    I've heard he organises Blackbird meetings ;-)

    And I promised to come to a meeting. Did I say when ? What ? 2008 ?

    Whatever. Promise = promise.

    I gonna give it a try. Have to sort things out (holiday,ferry and so on)

    No green lights yet... But I had a big mouth in 2008 and didn't show up :-(

    It's time to make it up :yo:
  4. russ_fae_fyvie

    russ_fae_fyvie Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    Everyone is welcome mate but you'd better check with Damien about the hotel, next year 2016!) it's back in Scotland (Oban) so if you're too late this year next year will be ok!!
  5. damientt

    damientt Registered User Read Only

    You're more than welcome to join us this year. A room won't be a problem as I have two more reserved @tu*.

    Why not visit Ireland this year and Scotland in 2016 (??).
  6. TANK0700

    TANK0700 big soft, not so cuddly Read Only

    I remember Jan , we met at the Bash just out side Bridge North, at Alveley @tu*
  7. russ_fae_fyvie

    russ_fae_fyvie Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    Yeah that was it mike and yes jan I was the Scottish bloke with the dodgy bike and scouse accent!
    Jan you should come this year as Damien said if there's a room there is no excuse!! ;-)
  8. Hertog Jan

    Hertog Jan Registered User Read Only

    I know Russ, I was just kidding ;-)

    Do you still have that dodgy bike ?
  9. russ_fae_fyvie

    russ_fae_fyvie Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    Hell yeah !!!

    With a few subtle changes !


  10. Hertog Jan

    Hertog Jan Registered User Read Only


    And a totally 'shame on me': I thought Carnlough was in Scotland... saw it is in N-Ireland. Has it always been there or did they move it ? 8rfl@
    Dang... there goes my plan....
  11. ianrobbo1

    ianrobbo1 good looking AND modest Club Sponsor

    So what do you think of the straight bar conversion Russ?? :dunno:
  12. silverfox.xx

    silverfox.xx quocunque jeceris stabit Club Sponsor

    There's always next year's Mcbash.
  13. russ_fae_fyvie

    russ_fae_fyvie Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    Brilliant mate, only reason we can keep using it is coz of it.

    Once I knew it had cured the riding position, we now have a week on it touring around the Lakes, etc and then after the OBash, over the the IOM for a few days and a bit more tootling around in the UK before heading home couldn't have even contemplated that before, so thank you young man for letting me have a shot of yours at the McBASH, even though it was red !

    Yes Jan, next years McBASH is based in Oban, not going to say too much about it now coz we are all looking forward to the OBASH first, but things are moving on and even I'm excited about some of the things planned !!

    So book your place now, 2nd to 5th September 2016 !!


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