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Discussion in 'B.I.R.D. rideout scheduler' started by Jon Boy, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Jon Boy

    Jon Boy Registered User Read Only

    Are there any members in the North East interested in a ride out.
  2. Tinytim

    Tinytim Registered User Read Only

    Hi Jon Boy. Err, a rideout in the North East ya mean? Or anywhere's the Bird wants to take you? Got to get up to Hartside sooner rather than later if you fancy it? Oh, but that's not in the North East is it. p0pc0rn41
  3. tomwg

    tomwg Well-Known Member Club Sponsor


    Hi jon boy.Im from sunderland,Premier road area.
    I could do with good ride out,but its still a bit chilly at the minute.
    Im retired so i can go anytime.
    I had a ride to helmsley on sunday,and there were a dozen or so bikes there.
    It was cold ,but i still enjoyed the run.
    Where in sunderland do you live? Tom.
  4. Jon Boy

    Jon Boy Registered User Read Only

    Hi Tom , I live near the Barnes yeah once the nice weather comes in in April were out. Give me a text you can come and have a coffee and glance over my bird - I ve only had it a month or so - I,ve also got a mint Fireblade eighteen years old Am off Monday or Tuesday this week coming cheers 07960990888
  5. TANK0700

    TANK0700 big soft, not so cuddly Read Only

    jon , good side ways move there , just ignore TinyTim everyone else does :-0)
  6. Tinytim

    Tinytim Registered User Read Only

    Knackers nob rot.

  7. stillfast

    stillfast Registered User

    ride out

    i am not so far away from you two at sunderland other side n/castle bedlington catch up with you when there is a heat wave [maybey one day eh] was tempted last week to mutch salt up here just now cheers
  8. Jon Boy

    Jon Boy Registered User Read Only

    Yeah great - Tom came over for a coffee yesterday , nice lad - We'll have to sort out a North East ride out.
    We could even meet up with some Birds from the otherside of the Country - Hartside or somewhere similar.
  9. Newbird

    Newbird Registered User Read Only

    Hi guys I'm in Middlesbrough, I'll be up for a rideout as soon as I learn to ride the Bird lol, got it yesterday keeping away from the 7k+ revs atm hope to see you guys soon man8um
  10. foz

    foz Registered User Read Only

    one here wouldnt mind a look out in the near future, stu im in darlington, havnt had ma bird long but looking to get out with other bb's bit chat about bikes an stuff
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  11. Creo

    Creo LEAVE LUMPY ALONE Read Only

    Always up for a ride out the Bird is soooo lovely:-0):-0)
  12. 4_4_2

    4_4_2 Registered User Read Only

    might be a bit far for you lot, but see my post about Wales this weekend in the rideout section...

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