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The drive will be done in due course, unfortunately for me it doesn't rank that highly on the wife's priority list, especially when we have the rest of the house and garden to do.


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More than happy for some banter, the world would be a dull place without it.
Scrooge calling - hopefully you realise you get ten 'free' posts as a visitor and that you need to sponsor the site to continue; £4.50 per annum.

If nothing else most would agree that the technical advice available from here as your Bird continually breaks down in the future will make this ruddy good value.


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Actually a good swad of grass growing through gravel is a very good,pourous surface ,aids traction and un timely and unwanted gravel scar!
So,what may not be easy on the Eye,is very funtional!
I need a Port after that comment!And the Archers is on soon!