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my secret weapon .....


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Having followed BIF's winter project on her Honda, I promised, (ok, ok, threatened) in another thread,to post some piccies of my little secret weapon, my TRX850.

here are a few photos of her as she is now, sorry if no-one likes Yamahas, but hey, a bike is a bike, :-


  • trx finished 1.jpg
    trx finished 1.jpg
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The history of the bike is something along the lines of :-

Did a trackday for my 40th birthday on an old VFR (second ex-wife
treated me, possibly in the hope that I'd kill myself based on
subsequent events in our "marriage"!).
Absolutely loved it (trackdays that is), but wanted something a
little more sporty for the track only. So went looking around and
actually wanted a CBR600, but was offered the TRX at
bugger-all-squared money.
So thinking (and this is where it gets embarrassing) that's the same sort of bike that Steve Berry (see what I mean) was riding on Top Gear once, and I remember thinking that it looked and sounded rather good.
In a twin sort of way. As they do. Sometimes.
Anyway previous owner had stuffed it up the rump of a Ford Galaxy, totally screwing the fairing, frame headstock, forks, wheel, left exhaust and side panel.
So a deal was struck (fool and his money, ring a bell I'm thinking
Lots of new bits were sourced from the likes of Harris
(bodywork), ABE (forks, never ever use ABE forks), Micron (exhausts) and Yamaha for a back door deal on a frame, plus various breakers for the rest.

However like Pinochios nose the project grew, from being "cobble
something together for the track" to "build something rather tidy for the road and occasional track use".
(I'm getting used to being led up the garden path to ruin.)

Bike duly completed, (bank account duly emptied), and then competed in about 20 trackdays until last June, when it all went 'orribly wrong at Mallory.
Highsided the bugger and cartwheeled the bike end over end. Speedo was stuck at 107 mph. Exit stage left all the front end parts, and me shoulder and ribs x3.

Anyway bigger fool and more money had a chat with each other, bigger money won. So fool went and bought R1 forks, yokes, Thunderace wheel and discs, and various other bits that Mallory officials wouldn't let me go look for.

Bike rebuilt again, completed Feb 2002, and is now tucked away
quietly in the corner of my garage and doubles as an auxiliary battery supply for the Blackbird!

Do I like it ?

Do bears sh*t in the woods, do share prices fall, are politicians
corrupt, has Kylie Minogue got a cute butt, are cats a waste of fur, .....

I've already started on my next project. (FZR1000 for TRACK
USE ONLY, cos I've thrown all the road bits in the skip.)

Here's the TRx after Mallory, oops ........


  • trx oops! 1.jpg
    trx oops! 1.jpg
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last one for now ...........

BSD in Peterborough did a lot of work on the airbox and jetting, and with the race cans fitted, kicks out 14 hp over stock at the rear wheel, but the big gain is in the midrange kick.

And yes, it is VERY VERY loud, but I love it.


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    trx finished 4.jpg
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nice bike............

don't think mine is quite up to this spec!!!

Although I would rather ride yours round Mallory than mine!!!!

Shall be there this year and at Llandow!!!!!!!!!!


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well ...

Thankee kindly ma'am.

Did take a bit of work to make it breath again, and still got a few rough spots to iron out, but I'm 95% done now.

Roll on summer ...................please !!!