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My Pride & joy - Buzz

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Not too bad for a Coppers bike huh?

Not too many gimmicks, just add a speed freak who twist that turney thing on the right handle bar as far as it goes, dont need much else!


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Bruce Hansen

Rack source?

Where does one get info on the rear rack and what is it capacity?
Could it be outfitted with Givi trunk? Thanks.

Doc Savage

Buzz Whats with the Bussa stylie graphics

Buzz not bad for a red one, like the hugger but "wats wiv d graficks" on the fairing and what do they mean??:confused:


Nice looking bike,

may I suugest a bit of elbow grease next time you polish the tank it seems to have faded!!:}



Man, that is sweet. Just luurve the red rims !

Doc Savage


Apparently Buzz tells me they mean blackbird in japanese!
Bubba if you contact Buzz he will tell you where he got them.
However I wouldn't risk it myself if you can't read the lingo, might mean something completely different.


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So you made your 25 posts Jack but still 'got the training wheels on' what's going on?

Yeh gotta be carefull wiv dat forin lingo as the man says, it could say 'Filthy rice propelled pig bike' in jap lingo - sorry Buzz, bet you've heard it all before.

Nice bike though, needs some scratches, just to add character ehh Jacky boy.;)


good looking AND modest
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hiya bruce,

just to answer your question about the rack, its called a sports rack and is made by a firm called 'renntec' it costs about ?50 quid
and they are available for most bikes, the advised load is 2kilo, and an expandable bag has just been introduced, though ive not seen one in the flesh, so cant comment on the bag, many people put well in eccess of the recomended weight on them and among my frends no one has had any problems.
many supplyers carry these racks amongst them are
www.demon-tweeks.co.uk and mps @ www.thefastone.co.uk
hope this helps,
by the way it appears to be a plastic type finish or chrome depending on the model bike.:eek:

Rolfy Dave

Been there, and had one
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ref LOGO...

The fairing Logo was designed by a guy on the IXXRA site, and if anyone wants it, I have a copy of the design in Jpeg form on file in my 'puter...

Just give me an email, and I will send it over for you...

There are two available, but they are "Blackbird" in two different dialects of japanese... Which one is which.... Phook nose....

But the one I will send seems to be the definative version..


Rolfy D



Is that a Bagster tank protector and did the Honda emblems come with it or did you stick them on later.

Nice looking ride by the way looks pretty smick with the red wheels.



Answer to questions...

Okay you guys, thanks for all the comments re the bike, nice to know I must have done something right for once, he he.

Anyway, the wheels, they are sprayed, masked them off and did it that way, took a long time and several coats each side, but I thought it was worth the effort. Got the idea off Rossi's bike.

The tank cover is a bagster one and the logos were put on afterwards, got them off a guy who goes to the Bassett Pole meet which is on a Tuesday night in the summer months.

The jap logo's are supposed to say Black Bird and got them off a guy in San Fransancisco, Kevin, who hasnt been on the site for ages.

A company in Willenhall did them for me and I have their postal and email address if you want it.

Hope to met some, if not all of you at the bash, till then, keep it right side up and on the black stuff.

Cheers, Buzz


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I got one of those last year, got it painted at the same time as the bike and this photo was somewhere in wet Yorkshire when it was loaded up with an expandable bag.

Not really meant for that I think so for this year I'm looking at getting some proper hard luggage cos the bungees were getting a bit too dangerous !!