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Very nice !

BIF you've done a good job there, and my motto is 'If you've got it, flaunt it' !!! As you have no doubt noticed !! :}

At least its a proper bike, not a shiney armchair !!

Well done, all you gotta do now is pray for some weather !!


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Been there, and had one
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You should

give each other a big hug. That is once nice looking bike :bow:


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this was in MCN last week or week before. I think it looks great, but I would rather not have John Deere written on the tank!!!

this is what was said about it.........

"still at least it doesn't look agricultural. City dwellers may not spot the obvious on the Honda NTV650, but that colour scheme - and of course the name John Deere are straight off a tractor"


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oil switch..........

set me back ?33 :cry:

No patent ones made. Oh well! Got new pads on it now, went for different ones to improve the braking but wear the discs! Still they are worn alot already, I don't use my brakes much so they may last longer!!!!

Bit disappointed with the metallic in the paint. Not as much as I wanted but bit late now.

Now I am just waiting for the resident graphic guru to come up with something cool to make my bike look less .........bare?

Had an odd problem with the belly pan, in that mostly on corners, if the wind catches it inside it makes the front all light...........yeuch........not nice when you are not expecting it!!! Mind you, needs a lot of wind........better keep away from Fat Bert :}

I think I may need a good stock of tyrefly batteries as my bike vibrates so much they are on all the time!!!

Still its quite pleasant in a certain gear, at certain revs .....ooer!!!:blush:


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cool bike

Hey man,
Nice bike-we don't have those over here in the states


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thanks SHOguy

it is an NTV 650 Honda and no, I don't believe you do have them over there. I know they are very very popular in Germany, always seeing bits and bobs for sale on Ebay from Germany.

It took a while to get it looking like that as it was a bit of a wreck although mechanically fine and running.

Incidentally, Derek balanced..................no, I shall rephrase that.............I balanced the carbs the other night!!!!!!!! Near spot on they are now!

Got a mini top box fitted now, spoils the look a little but is is alot more practical for the summer if I use it to go to work.

8 week Rospa Training coming up very soon in April


other bikes

just lasy ear Honda brought out the 919 here, is that the same bike you guys call the Hornet? if so, how long have you had that? I absolutely love that bike! Honda Rules!R#? :yo: