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    stuff from my 86 year old mum in the last week or so (she is as fit as a flea and pretty much with it happilly):
    1. Forty minutes into the England Columbia game, having prattled on about 'oh get up', 'that was a foul', 'that was a dive' etc she came out with 'which team is England'?
    2. She was ill earlier this year and one of the residents in the block where she lives was very kind to her, getting a bit of shopping and making sure she was alright, so I got a voucher for an afternoon tea for two at Patisserie Valerie and said it was for her and her frien-/ a 'thank you' from me. Mrs A (who didn't know anything about the voucher) came home yesterday and told me that my mum had asked her if she wanted to go to Patisserie Valerie for afternoon tea.......
    3. After a long and unnecessarily complicated discussion in the car about meeting for lunch on Saturday,she says she is happy to walk to the venue. As she gets out of the car 'so you'll let me know what time you are picking me up then?'
    4. To cut another long story short, we were meeting on Saturday so my sister in law could scatter the remaining half of my brother's ashes on the same site that mum and I had scattered the other half shortly after he passed, at the same site where mum and me had scattered dads ashes. The urn had been stored in my mothers apartment, I collected it and took it to the site. When I opened the bag the urn was in there was another container labelled with my Dad's details (a Clinique tin!) on it. We had scattered my dad's ashes in the same spot as my brother and as far as I was aware none were kept back. So not unreasonably while my brother was being scattered I did my dad as well, all with my mum present. Over lunch mum mentioned that when she passed she wanted her ashes mixed with dads and scattered in the same spot as my brother. Bugger. Think I'm going to keep quiet on this one.....
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    Many years ago there was a programme on tv about strip clubs I think - which I saw.
    I visited home some time after and somehow the matter came up.
    "We turned that off" my mother said.
    Then a few minutes later they referred to something just at the end of it ....:D
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    Time for a BBQ. ;)

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