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Mt last post just to say..


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OK guys I'll make this short it'll be my last post on here. I just feel I have to say a few things....

I can now see that the forum access mode we had realistically did not work and will not work, it was a way I thought we could cut the bills down a bit as the traffic was just too big...Like I say it was now what I see as a mistake. Not intended to cause offence to anyone....not to metion the system we use was just totally inadequate, took far to long for members access or even our notification of members applications....I guess I just got a shock when I heard posts had been removed or hacked on this forum.

what the hell....I made a mistake (not anybody else ...ME). That mistake has been ammended.

So if anyone felt offended then I can understand now, I did not understand at the time, I'm certainly not perfect.

We all set websites up to serve the public and the enthusiast which (BIRD crew and IXXRA crew and all the others) and if we are NOt serving the public then there is no point in doing it. (I'm sure you'll agree) The time that goes into it all is just massive and takes up a lot of time doing it, time which could be better spent elsewhere if the truth be known (sure Bert and Jaws will agree there)

So I guess I've said all I wanted to say really.


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IMHO I think that closing the forum to members only like IXXRA did will have provoked someone to be pi***d off enough to do this. Being new and having looked around at all to do with the BB on the web there are many guests that view sites. Hope this site does not go down that road.
You Computer buffs can certainly cause some nause around if you want.

fat bert


Guess not - hackers invariable leave a "calling card"

Drama Queen? Quiet possibly !