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Misano Test


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Misano Test A Positive Step For KRT Riders Sykes And Rea

After a successful race weekend for the KRT squad at Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli both Tom Sykes and Jonathan Rea took to the 2.226km track again for an official one-day test on their Ninja ZX-10R machines. They finished 1-2 in the time sheets, with Sykes setting the best lap of 1?34.674 and Rea a 1?34.777, each using race tyres.

The KRT technical crews had to work at high intensity towards the end of the day as heavy overnight rains had reduced the available track time, leaving behind a wet surface until the late morning. Sykes posted 76 laps in total with Rea putting in 51.

The test was also an opportunity to test some new Pirelli race tyres, with both riders pleased with the performance of the new solutions, as well as the improvements made to their race machine set-up.

Developments to take the official Kawasaki WorldSBK team into the final five rounds of the season were the main focus as far as machine set-up and components were concerned today. Sykes even dipped under the existing lap record with his quickest time, despite the lack of qualifying tyres and the wet track conditions that started the day.

With the test complete the team will now pack their flight cases to head to the next round of the championship, at Laguna Seca in the United States, to be held between 8th and 10th July.

Tom Sykes, stated: ?The test was so good I am quite depressed thinking about yesterday?s races - because we had such good results today! It is so difficult to go into test mode over the race weekends so in the test we evaluated some things from Showa and KHI, which were sitting ready to go, and the results were fantastic. I am really happy with our pace, especially after a long distance, and it compares well to our race pace from the weekend. I am really pleased the sun came out eventually. We did well over 70 laps and got really valuable information because we worked through a lot of things. I am happy that we have made a step forward in terms of what I need from the bike.?

Jonathan Rea, stated: ?A very good test and we had a huge list of things to test and we got through all the items. We tried many things and first on the agenda were some new Pirelli rear tyres. We took our time, evaluated all the rears and one tyre was very interesting. It is good that they are developing them. Then we moved onto the team stuff and we had some items to test for gear shifting, braking, and quite a lot to do with Showa. On the electronics side we continued working with some ideas we found in our recent Jerez tests. We tried a new swingarm in the end and we got through everything we had here. This was a pure test, an evaluation test, and we were able to make a good rhythm. Every single lap we made was consistent so I am really happy.?

Marcel Duinker, Crew Chief for Tom Sykes, stated: ?The first part of the test we dedicated to chassis performance. We made quite a big step ? almost an unrealistic step compared to yesterday?s race. After that we tested some material that was an evolution of what we had tested over the winter and combined the best from all of those into one piece, tried it on track, and we found benefits. Even if the day was short because of the weather conditions this morning we did nearly 80 laps and made a nice step in the bike?s performance. One of the new Pirelli tyres improved our best time by four tenths and Tom said he is looking forward to using that one in a race.?

Pere Riba, Crew Chief for Jonathan Rea, stated: ?We tested many, many things. Only in the afternoon because it had been wet during the morning. We did not even start the bike then. So in four hours in the afternoon we tested three different rear tyres, rear shocks, front forks, and different parts for gear shifting. We tested many different things. We tried all the parts we had and it all appears positive. Some things have been very good and we can use them in the next race, so I am happy.?


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Positive testing for Althea BMW at Misano; De Rosa to substitute for Reiterberger at Laguna

With Round 8 of the Superbike World championship having concluded only yesterday at the Misano World Circuit, the Althea BMW Racing Team were back on the same track today for official testing, obtaining some positive results particularly with regard to Jordi Torres.

Unfortunately, after suffering a crash in yesterday?s Superbike race, Markus Reiterberger has a compression fracture to the D12 vertebra. The German rider is currently still at Riccione hospital but will travel home to Germany as soon as possible, where he will see his doctors for further tests and advice as to his recovery. It is expected that he will need 40 days of rest, which means he will clearly be unable to take part in the next World Superbike round taking place from 8 to 10 July at the American track of Laguna Seca.

The team has therefore decided to entrust his bike to its Stock1000 rider Raffaele De Rosa at the upcoming American races. During today?s sessions, De Rosa has therefore carried out some tests on board Markus? BMW S 1000 RR, alongside Jordi Torres, in preparation for the next round.

Rain early this morning slowed progress in the first session but during the afternoon the team was able to work without interruptions. The work focused on carrying out various electronics tests and trying out some tyre solutions provided by Pirelli. In De Rosa?s case, the sessions were an opportunity to get to grips with the Superbike ahead of Laguna.

During the day Torres completed a total of 79 laps, lapping consistently fast and holding a place close to the top of the timesheets throughout the day. The Spaniard set a best time of 1?35.337. De Rosa made 85 laps of the track, with a fastest time of 1?35.883. Both riders declared themselves satisfied with the work completed.

Jordi Torres

?Today went very well. We?ve carried out various electronics tests, working on the traction control and anti-wheelie systems, and also testing some front tyres, some of which worked better than others. At a certain point I had a small crash at Turn 4 but it was nothing, a low speed crash. The important thing is that at the end of the day we?ve increased our level of confidence, particularly with the front of the bike, and have understood how the bike behaves with the various front tyres. We?ve done a good job and I feel better prepared for Laguna Seca.?

Raffaele De Rosa

?I?m pleased with how we?ve worked today. I?ve got over what happened yesterday and think we worked effectively here. I rode the Superbike in order to gain confidence and be better prepared for Laguna. I?m glad to have the opportunity to race in America, but I?m really sorry for Markus and hope he?s back very soon. I?ve never been to Laguna but know it?s a spectacular track, the experience can only do me good. I thank Genesio for giving me this chance.?


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Hayden and van der Mark make the most of post-race official test at Misano

The Honda WorldSBK Team has completed a one-day official test at the Misano World Circuit ?Marco Simoncelli? following the eighth round of the 2016 season, which drew to a close yesterday at the same venue. Nicky Hayden and Michael van der Mark completed 99 and 89 laps of the Italian track, respectively, and were seventh and tenth quickest in the combined times of the two four-hour sessions held today.

Despite rain being forecast, only few drops of rain fell during the day, with the riders able to enjoy warm temperatures and a full-dry conditions in the afternoon. Both Hayden and van der Mark tried new tyres brought by Pirelli, with the American evaluating new rear compounds while the young Dutchman focused on front rubber. Their best lap-times were very close, as Hayden was only 0.135s slower than van der Mark?s 1?35.430.

Both sides of the garage evaluated different items and solutions left to be tested after the private test done at the start of the month, along with new settings developed with the information gathered the racing weekend.

The team will now return to its Dutch headquarters to analyse the data and get ready for round nine, which takes place in three weeks at Laguna Seca in California.

Michael van der Mark 60

It has been a good day. We evaluated many things without caring too much about lap-times. It was also good to return to the track straight after the end of the round. Towards the end of the day, we went back to the race set-up and tried some tweaks with suspension settings and front fork and my times were improving lap by lap. We ended the day very strong and my pace was competitive, so now we have a much clearer idea of our package ahead of Laguna.

Nicky Hayden 69

We started the day in the damp and used our time to try some software updates, basically in and out laps. Everything seemed to be working quite well. Throughout the day we tried a good variety of things, including suspension settings, for the second part of the season. We made a few gains but also hit a few walls, which is normal in testing. I hoped I would have made a bigger step because my lap-times were similar to the ones I did at the start of the month. Just before lunch I tried some new Pirelli tyres with some good positives; I must say I?m surprised about the huge amount of work they are putting even though they're the sole supplier for the series. We gave the team a lot of data to work on and hopefully we can put it all together for Laguna.

Pieter Breddels -Technical Manager

We tried different things today: from front fork settings to different geometries and electronic upgrades with Nicky, especially after the problems he had in race one with split times. He also tried the Pirelli intermediate tyre for the first time in the morning when the track was drying up. We used the same set-up we had in Sepang and he was happy with the grip level. Michael tried also different linkage and shift settings with the electronics; he also did two 11-lap runs with some good times in the 35s. We?re happy with today?s information. Now it?s time to go back home and start preparing for the next round.


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Pata Yamaha Concludes Successful Misano Test

Alex Lowes and Niccol? Canepa remained at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli today as the Pata Yamaha Official WorldSBK Team participated in the official MOTUL FIM Superbike World Championship test at the Italian track. Heavy storms overnight delayed the proceedings as the surface dried, with work getting underway mid-morning.

Utilising the assistance of key personnel from Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., Japan, the WorldSBK team worked on developments to electronics control strategies, alongside chassis and engine development upgrades. Canepa was the first to get out on track on the YZF-R1, completing 40 laps in the morning session and working through the detailed test schedule set out by his adopted crew. Lowes followed soon after, circulating the Italian circuit 19 times before the imposed one hour lunch-break, with the Pata Yamaha riders sitting fifth and sixth in the times respectively.

Returning to work as the afternoon session began the Yamaha pair continued their evaluation of the electronics and suspension adjustments. Lowes concluded the day eighth in the combined times with a fastest lap of 1'35.468, having completed 64 laps of the 4,226m circuit as his strength and stamina continued its improvement. Canepa finished the session at the flag, after circulating 86 times. The Italian's best lap of the day, a 1'35.746, sits him 11th in the official figures but with plenty of data for the team to evaluate in the run up to the next race event in three weeks' time, his crew are pleased with the performance from the stand-in rider over the past four days.

As the freight is packed up trackside, the Pata Yamaha Official WorldSBK Team now prepares to travel across the Atlantic to California. Round nine will begin at the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, in the United States, on Friday 8th July.

Alex Lowes
8th / 1'35.468 / 64 laps

"A good day testing at Misano today as I managed to do 64 laps. It's slightly frustrating as I'm still not able to do as many laps as I would want. We also ended up with some good weather this afternoon so I'm slightly annoyed with that, as I always want to do more work, but what we did get through was very positive. We tested some different suspension parts, different electronics and at the end of the day we put a better set-up together so I feel like we've made a step forward compared to the race weekend. I'm looking forward to Laguna now and see if we can keep trying to improve further!"
Niccol? Canepa
11th / 1'35.746 / 86 laps

"I am really happy about today and the whole weekend, especially today because we tested a lot of things and improved the bike in many aspects, including the electronics, the chassis and also the comfort on the bike. For me it was very important to test but honestly I have to say I'm a little bit tired as in the past 13 days I have been on track riding for 12, so now it is time for me to relax a little bit! I'm really happy and want to say thank you to Yamaha and to the team for this opportunity, it has been very important for me and I have enjoyed it a lot."
Pata Yamaha Official WorldSBK Logo Andrea Dosoli – Road Racing Project Manager
"Overall it has been a positive test after an important weekend for us. A positive test because we could evaluate important components for the chassis and the engine, and we could improve the setting of our electronics package, getting a clear indication for further development. The test for us is crucial and fundamental in the first year of the project and I am glad we were fully able to use the track time today.

"I want to thank Alex, who has been able to complete more than 60 laps even if his physical condition is not perfect, he gave us very clear feedback and the same for Niccol?. I fully believe that the information and the data that we have gathered today will be helpful not only in the coming race at Laguna but also for the mid-term development. Thank you to all the guys in the team for a good job well done."