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McBASH in action !

Discussion in 'Scottish bash 2013' started by russ_fae_fyvie, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. russ_fae_fyvie

    russ_fae_fyvie Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    Well the morning went well !

    We were split into 3 teams for the Archery, Clay's, Segway and Karting and to say it was competitive was an understatement, despite the promises beforehand !!

    Here are the first set of photos, there are plenty to follow !

    Sliverfox won the individual award and also the Team......bastard !!!






  2. russ_fae_fyvie

    russ_fae_fyvie Been there, and had one Club Sponsor







  3. Rheumatoid

    Rheumatoid B.I.R.D Intellectual Read Only

    Is everyone else disabled or partially sighted?
  4. ianrobbo1

    ianrobbo1 good looking AND modest Club Sponsor

    We had to let them win or they would have sulked the rest of the weekend!!8rfl@

    Guess who got on his motor sickle, and was waiting to wish us all a happy McBash when we returned from the cream teas at Baxters later today??:eek:

    and he's still an ugly bugger!!:-0)
  5. bunny

    bunny Registered User Read Only

  6. silverfox.xx

    silverfox.xx quocunque jeceris stabit Club Sponsor

    As capitan, I'd like to thank the team for beating the jealous rivals.....

    Kenny for the after dinner skull duggery... He even failed at that...8rfl@y

    Russ, this one is awesome.. all mcbashers owe you big time.:bow::bow::bow:

    Scotland, thanks for the weather...

    Mark and Molly...
  7. russ_fae_fyvie

    russ_fae_fyvie Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    Sundays activities, Photo Shoot at Fyvie Castle, then a RIde out to Grantown on Spey for the MotorFest then up to Loch Ness for a Cruise then back to Fyvie via Fort George.

    Very windy and a few pigs with cameras on the way back but it was a good day,

    The best turn out for a McBASH yet !


    It was a bit choppy on Loch Ness but the hard ones went for it !



    and then Kenny did his 'video' !!

  8. ramo

    ramo rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Club Sponsor


    could it be a great big twat on a beige bird,

    who's been whinging aboot a poorly fookin leg for weeks:wank:

    fook me I bet reports of monster sightings have gone up,

    if it is her?
  9. russ_fae_fyvie

    russ_fae_fyvie Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    Everybody on their way home after a great weekend, many thanks to everyone who came !


    spot the belly !!

    Last edited: Sep 2, 2013
  10. DereksBluebird

    DereksBluebird Registered User Read Only

    Great McBash 2013

    Thanks to everyone for the welcome up @ Fyvie. New friends made & wonderful hospitality from the hotel staff at The Vale (great food...recommend the Hungarian Goulash). The new barmaid for TinyTim who will forever remember her whenever the words "Steeky toffee pudding" are mentioned.
    Personal memories....riding too fast for the gusty conditions & invoking a horrifying tank slapper & of course I did this in front of the whole group (doh!).
    The magnificent roads & scenery Russ managed to take in bypassing a number of distilleries (Glenlivet, Glenfarclas, Aberlour...& more).

    Grantown on Spey for the amazing motormania event & windy Loch Ness for a choppy boat ride to Urquhart castle & return.

    I had to leave the group & return home mid afternoon & wasnt looking forward to a 200 mile run & a message from Mrs asking if I'd make it back to Edinburgh area for 7.15 pm. Turns out she had tickets for the end of festival Fireworks concert in Princes Street Gardens, of couse I made it with minutes to spare (and hopefully no speeding tickets) a fantastic event.

    Best wishes to everyone for a safe ride homewards today.

  11. McMuckles

    McMuckles Registered User Read Only

    Was a fantastic weekend, my third McBash and without doubt the best, good craic with old and new McBasher's, great weather, great food courtesy of Roddy and his staff @tu*
    Again thanks to Russ & Janice for all the work they do

    Was amazed to see Tiny Tim strutting down Fyvie Main Street in his speedo's and sunglasses looking cool, just so you know he is even more of an obnoxious twat in real life:-0)

    Still unsure how I got beaten in a go kart time trial by Molly, Silver Fox's grand -daughter, well done girl:yo:

    Hope everyone gets home safely -especially Robbo who I met on Anderson Drive in Aberdeen, car bonnet up broken down with an electronic problem parked at a bus stop
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2013
  12. AV8TOR

    AV8TOR Sponsor Read Only

    Derek I missed your tank slapper on the A9 but nearly lost the front in a gust just outside Carbridge makes your arse grip the seat all the same :eek:
    Great to meet you to.Not forgetting Arty & Hunter thanks for the sweeties little girl Oh & thanks for the"SWEETIES" Alan " I'll swap 2 of these for 2 of yours "@tu* best nights sleep in weeks Zzzzzzzz
    Grant & Tim again great to meet the pair of you & see you both come back next year & Tim may I suggest you work on that tan & don't forget your trunks & shades I'm sure we could buy you a Southern Comfort to compleat the look.........& don't forget to drop your shoulder with the hip ! LOOKING GOOD MY MAN.....LOOKING GOOD
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2014
  13. AV8TOR

    AV8TOR Sponsor Read Only

    TinyTim, beat me to it Mark
  14. grant57

    grant57 Registered User Read Only

    Home safe after my First Mc Bash, what a wonderful weekend, respect to Russ for organizing it so well and thanks foe every one who came and made it such a memorable weekend. Book me in for next year for sure

  15. Tinytim

    Tinytim Registered User Read Only

    Home at 8.30 last night 11 hours riding, but did the tourist route through Scotchland. By the fook there's some good riding to be had in the Cairngorms , err and the Borders.@tu* I'm still fooked this morning after a cracking few days thanks.

    Great to meet all you twats and Russ, a big hand for putting on such a good show. :bow:

    Had a bad moment with a mouthful of parma violets, coming down Glen Shee, when the words "fert" and "hope I havenae shat me breeks" popped into ma heed and I peppered the inside of my visor. 8rfl@

    Thanks all.
  16. Punchy

    Punchy Registered User Read Only

    Made it through the weekend this year, arrived home Monday night at 7.

    Thanks Russ for a memorable weekend hope to see all of you next year.

    Special mentions to ......

    Ianrobbo and the wallet 8rfl@

    Russ's realisation that he had to turn right into the activaties centre just as we were passing the road :eek:

    and The Sweetie Goddess putting the fear of god into the locals with her "Do you want a sweetie little boy" @tu*

  17. silverfox.xx

    silverfox.xx quocunque jeceris stabit Club Sponsor

    Got to Ian's about 8pm last night, home about 1pm today.
    Waited at jedburgh 'till half 5 Monday, expecting Tim and Robbo....

    Awesome DRY weekend and exit route from Scotland, Inveruie, Tilyfourie, kildrummy, ballater, braemar, bridge of cally. Then on to jedburgh.

    Molly will be fighting for her pillion seat next year.

    Photos to follow.

    Great to meet old and new faces.. well some don't look that new.

    Thank once again Russ for an awesome weekend.

    Now, where's me wallet..... Bugger found it, no excuse to visit the old meldrum petrol station.

    Not sure Molly should have been introduced to Reggae Reggie, but she enjoyed the karting Mark.
  18. McMuckles

    McMuckles Registered User Read Only

    Not so sure Molly should have been introduced to the sweetie goddesses medication on the boat trip :eek:

    Karting was fun and Molly was a deserving winner :bow:
  19. Artemis

    Artemis Sweetie Goddess Club Sponsor

    Well that was your fault for eating the Parma violets en route, ya shortassed twat!

    Of course she should. It stopped her feeling sick, just like it says on the box.
  20. AV8TOR

    AV8TOR Sponsor Read Only

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