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McBASH Costs

Discussion in 'Scottish Bash 2014' started by russ_fae_fyvie, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. foot_loose

    foot_loose Registered User Read Only


    Not sure now if I can attend. I fell off my bicycle last night and have broken my collar bone. Doh! Have to see how fast it mends.
  2. ianrobbo1

    ianrobbo1 good looking AND modest Club Sponsor

    Sorry to hear about your "off" :dunno: cyclists:wank: LOL

    Anyway if you cant ride, you could still come up anyway, Yvonne my partner cant ride yet either, however that doesn't stop her meeting us when we get to our destinations on the bikes, she drives, and although you may miss the riding there's no reason not to have a go at being there and trying some of the games, I've a duff shoulder at the moment, but will be competing as best I can, and you could "car share" with Yvonne to get to the meeting points, that way if your not up to driving, she will, after all she would be going anyway, so one or two others wouldn't matter!! :dunno:we did similar with Alan And Arty last year!!:eek:
  3. foot_loose

    foot_loose Registered User Read Only

    I can't ride, drive or do much else right now. I think i shall have my arm in a sling for 6 to 8 weeks sadly. I was looking forward to giving my Capo12 a good run but I really don't think I shall be able to. It will free up a double room at the Legion.

    Russ, will it be possible to refund the ?70 I sent? Hopefully I might make it next year.
  4. damientt

    damientt Registered User Read Only

    I'm sure Russ told me your seventy quid is non-refundable, but transferrable to me in the event of your non-attendance @tu*

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