Matlock Bath TODAY

Discussion in 'B.I.R.D. rideout scheduler' started by 4_4_2, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. 4_4_2

    4_4_2 Registered User Read Only

    gonna be there about 10.30 to meet some mates off another forum. Last minute decision, Red Bird, T plate, if ya coming GET A MOVE ON! see ya there

    usual cafe by the chippy...only decided to go 5 mins ago, sorreeeeeeeeeee!

    getting all giddy now!! Yippee......
  2. americanexpress

    americanexpress Registered User Read Only

    Have a great day: last time I was there (New Year's Eve) it was grim grey and drizzly!!
  3. stretchie_

    stretchie_ Large Member Read Only

    Alright mate, I was there ll ate afternoon and saw a T reg one, what's the mileage on yours?
    Saw a blue one too

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