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Male issue


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He is absolutely spot on. Males, especially white ones are continually marginalised in favour of women and ethnic minorities. I watch BBC Breakfast while I'm having mine and for many years the main presenters have been women - weather, sport and finance with only the sofa having a male anchor. It's also noticeable that when they get someone in to discuss a topic they are covering it is generally a woman. I had male teachers in primary school but I think they are few and far between now as any man seen round children is viewed as a possible paedophile. Along with many children belonging to one-parent families, usually the mother, there is very little male influence in many children's lives from a very young age.


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There's very little adult contact with children because of the paedophile issue.

I wouldn't interact with kids now, especially kids I don't know.

derek kelly

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At my Grandkid’s School there is a headmaster & two male teachers, the rest being female, I interact with a few of the kids but I know their parents.


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Absentee fathers, that's the reason for many boys not having a male role model.