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looking at a trip to slovenia

Discussion in 'Touring Issues' started by Demonbane, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. Demonbane

    Demonbane Registered User Read Only

    never ridden my bike out of uk and before i seize up with old age i want to do a euro trip .

    i have friends in slovenia so that seems a reasonable destination, the distance being around 1100 miles. ( slovenia is top right of italy so i am assuming france,germany ,austria ish to get there )

    what ( considering im not the most fastest ,and i fidget/smoke a lot) would be the number of days i should realistically allow to get there?

    obviously a passport needed, debit/credit card. and a set amount of cash?
    im not over fussed of actually riding ALL the way, so is there ways i can reduce the time of the journey, ie train to paris? or a train from france through germany etc?
    what is the sort of minimum kit i need to take? assuming easter/early summer i intend to go?

    any one any thoughts?

    it would be a solo affair, as i dont think my daughter would cope with the time on bike.

    ah .. found this! it seems if needed i can go all the way by train! , so , which sections would be nicer to ride than sit on a train? i can see i could literally split the journey into half ride/have train it

    http://www.seat61.com/Slovenia.htm#London to Ljubljana & Zagreb
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2009
  2. Demonbane

    Demonbane Registered User Read Only

    the daft thing is i can fly from stanstead return for ?79 return

    sort of makes going by bike pointless at that price!
  3. Steve398

    Steve398 Registered User Read Only

    Europe trip

    Yeah, the plane would be much cheaper and more direct, less hassle, etc, etc.


    You wouldn't have the experience of riding your bike abroad though will you?
    I was 13 when I decided I wanted to spend a year riding round Europe - couldn't ride a bike at that age but hey!
    It took me until I was 59 to start out, and in the 3 months out there I managed to frighten myself silly on the Alps in freezing fog, bemused the French with their own mother tongue, met lots of great people and had an absolute ball.. !! Then the kennels where the dog was left shut down, and me Mum had a serious medical prob, so home I came.. but I'd had a go and I will return for round 2.
    You said yourself that you want to do the Europe bike trip before you seize up - go do it..
  4. yoshibird

    yoshibird Dont get mad get even Read Only

    Do it you will not regret it but be warned you will not be interested in riding in this country again .........and feck the train you should be able to do it in two days three tops..........JUST DO IT
  5. Steve398

    Steve398 Registered User Read Only


    There are loads of sites to help and advise.

    As far as packing the stuff you choose to take, lay it all out on the bed and put at least half of it back in the wardrobe! You'll be in bike kit for most of the day so you won't need the velvet smoking jkt..
    When you've packed everything you need, go take the bike for a ride, adjust the headlight and see how it all feels loaded.
    Don't put all of your docs/passport/cash in one place or you'll lose the lot in one go :xm

    And finally, you're not challenging Nick Sanders so take it easy..




    Have fun, but I know that you will!

  6. germanfrank

    germanfrank Registered User Read Only

    Yep, don't worry to much about how and what.
    Take a credit card, cash, passport and just let yourself go.
    As yoshi said, just do it it's fun.:yo:
  7. Rolfy Dave

    Rolfy Dave Registered User Read Only

    As they have all said...

    Just DO IT :bow::bow:

    Have fun, and dont worry about it...

    Speak English badly (like me), gesticulate wildy, and laugh a lot.....

    You wont ever regret it... its brill...

    We do Europe every year... Have great fun, meet great people, and make loadsa friends....

    Best wishes,

    Rolfy & Jan
  8. yoshibird

    yoshibird Dont get mad get even Read Only

    you never know who you might run into going up an Austrian pass do you Frank
  9. germanfrank

    germanfrank Registered User Read Only

    and end up having dinner in Italy. haha still makes me laugh mate.
    What is the chance of that?
    Ace, absolute ace.:yo:
  10. iceni

    iceni Registered User Read Only

    its the old story,, its what is best for you.
    an eary crossing is good ,as you then have loads of time for riding and plan when/where you should stop 4 the night,loads of motels ,i would think you would need two stop overs for 1100 mile most riders do well to cover 50 mph , fuel/food/fag stops,, its not a fokin race.

    have fun and enjoy
  11. musky

    musky Registered User Read Only

    Do it.:yo:... But, not Easter / early summer. I did your suggested route to Croatia, 2 years ago in early May.. Mountain crossing in Austria were covered in Snow :eek:. Our return leg was across the top of Italy, Venice and Lake Garda, then onto France. We stayed at Gap in France, so if you find that town on your map and check out the route East, that would be a much easier way. Good Luck.
  12. Steve398

    Steve398 Registered User Read Only

    It seems the considered vote is -
    Go ride the bike mate, it may not be cheap, it may not be the easiest, but by God it's the best!
    Have fun and write up the story when you get back.
  13. Demonbane

    Demonbane Registered User Read Only

    yeah , think i need to rethink the weather bit as well and make it mid summer.. im allergic to snow,cold and rain!

    also looks like the shortest route is not going to be the best weather or view wise.

    more investigation needed on my part methinks, possibly entering from italy
  14. Gerrard

    Gerrard Registered Users Read Only

    I'll second that... :-:
  15. TANK0700

    TANK0700 big soft, not so cuddly Read Only

    I was apprehensive about my first trip into Europe in September 2008, but me and Pam have both said it was one of the best holidays we have had. The buzz stays with you for weeks after. If i can fit it in, we will be heading back into France in the summer using the Tunnel this time.
  16. Austin Colle

    Austin Colle Registered User Read Only

    Touring Slovenia

    Hi All

    Just joined, I've had my Blackbird since April and love it. We went to Interlaken and Chamonix last summer for a week and then in September went to the Loire Valley for the weekend. I can't believe how good the bike is in the Alps, I've had a succession of Fireblades but had to restrict myself to one bike only after business dropped off and I needed a do it all bike (to include the other half)

    This year my parents have rented a house in Croatia near the border of Slovenia so we are riding down to stay with them for a week then riding back.
    I'm interested in the 1st World War and the battles of Caporetto between the Austro-Hungarians and the Italians in 1917. There are numerous preserved trenches and forifications around Tomlin and the area of Slovenia which were shown on Ski Sunday last year. Also the area of Istria where we are staying has numerous Roman ruins and amphitheatres plus a ferry to Venice for a day trip. Croatia should be alot cheaper as it is not in the euro and neither is Slovenia

    We plan to go down via the Dolomites as I have been in the Dolimites only one but it poured all the time I was riding there - so I want to attack the hairpins with some vigour this time. Then go back via Austria and visit the Saltsburgring and Saltsburg. I haven't had a 2 week holiday in a number of years so We're really looking forward to it.

    The Blackbird is one of the best ways to travel the Alps and I need a Ring sticker to go on it so a few laps there in the Spring as well - I think it could be quite quick round there.

    All the best

    Last edited: Mar 21, 2010
  17. musky

    musky Registered User Read Only

    I stayed in Pula, not really that far into Croatia but there was impressive Roman ruins there.. Forget the local cuurency bit, they didn't want Kuna's when I was there, only interested in Euro's.
  18. gsxjohn

    gsxjohn Registered User Read Only

    Been there, done that!

    Hi, been through Slovenia 3 times now ( 6 times if you count return journey)! Always blatted it on the excellent and interesting motorways. Have stopped in Croatia 3 times, twice near Omis and once at Trogir. I always go France, Belgium, Luxemberg, Germany, Austria, Slovenia then Croatia. It takes 2 days hard riding to get to Croatia ( 2 days easy riding for Slovenia)! We always have an overnight stop at Sindelfingen near Stuttgart in Germany.In 2008 we were shocked to find that Slovenia had changed its road charging system, no more tolls on motorways just a one off payment of 17 Euros touse their roads! (it does last for 6 months though!!!!!!). And the cheeky buggers even had signs up, thanking us for paying up to improve their roads!!!! Bless.
  19. Gerrard

    Gerrard Registered Users Read Only

    We want to go to Croatia this year, its been a plan for a year of two, so work permitting we will try and get there..
    Dubrovnik was our final destination.. This is from Malaga and not the UK..

  20. Gatso shy

    Gatso shy Registered User Read Only

    Keep going ...

    Just keep going until you get somewhere really interesting ...

    hello Paul - Trudes ... from the Land of Smiles ...

    No chance you could sell my house before go is there ?


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