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Lockdown depression

Discussion in 'Coffee Shop' started by andyBeaker, May 23, 2020.

  1. andyBeaker

    andyBeaker Moderator Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    not a good day today for me and Mrs B - seen and heard so many examples of the rules being broken during one trip to the supermarket and conversations with friends - who are far from stupid.

    Obviously it is hard to know who is from the same household but sometimes it is pretty obvious who isn't.

    Why anyone would think 'family' trips to the supermarket including kids is sensible is hard to understand.

    For the first time I 'asked' someone to keep their distance in the supermarket - I know it's not easy but some people don't even try. They may not give a toss about their own well being but I care about mine.

    Why my best mate is encouraging his kids and their partners to meet up at one of their homes for a pizza night tonight is beyond me. "It's ok because they are Same family".

    Why my next door neighbours - who tick just about every 'vulnerable' box there is - have had their son, his wife and grandkids round today is hard to understand.

    Can't help thinking that if there isn't another dreaded 'spike' it will be because of the nature of the virus rather than everyone doing the right thing. I feared that at the first sign of relaxation in the rules many would think 'ok, that's it, back to normal' and it looks like my fear may be well founded.

    If nothing else it is taking the piss out of the many who have put their own health on the line for the greater good. I am pissed off enough today, heaven knows how I would feel if I were front line NHS.
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  2. Duck n Dive

    Duck n Dive Rebel without a clue ... Club Sponsor

    It's simple

    The politicians/advisors/officials have demonstrated the rules don't matter.

    Boris has confused the message.

    As far as the great unwashed are concerned this is now a bank holiday weekend.

    Prepare to see the news showing normal traffic jams, busy beaches etc.

    As far as "lockdown" or indeed any restrictions are concerned it's now just a matter of resuming normal service as quickly as possible
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  3. derek kelly

    derek kelly The Deli lama Club Sponsor

    My youngest daughter finished work at dinner time & as knobhead has got the kids till tomorrow night she decided to go on a bike ride, going down a narrow country path she encountered six adults with four dogs between them deliberately walking very slowly taking up all of the path, five times she said “excuse me” & they heard her as two of them turned & looked at her, I told her she should have just ploughed through them & barged them into the ditches at the sides.
  4. Malone

    Malone Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    I neglected to mention what I saw when I was out on the bike over Dartmoor today. A popular riverside car park was absolutely crammed full of cars I noticed as I drove past. In the car park was an ice cream van, absolutely surrounded by impatient cretins barely 20cm apart let alone 200cm.

    phase 2 is just around the corner!
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  5. ogr1

    ogr1 I can still see ya..... Club Sponsor

  6. slim63

    slim63 Never surrender Club Sponsor

    So far I have heard from various cretins ……. 'its ok lockdown is over', 'I am ok , I had it last year', 'You can go anywhere now, it said on the telly' & numerous other pieces of brilliant insight into the relaxing of restrictions :mad:

    I'm probably the only one who genuinely wishes these idiots would get the virus die to do the world a favour, I make no apology for that as its high time we cleaned out some of the dross from this society anyway (y)
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  7. Minkey

    Minkey Ok it was me Club Sponsor

    Working in a shop, I can't tell you how many times I have to explain to a customer why we have a protective screen, wear gloves, only take card payments and ask them to stand back when I have to scan the goods in their trolleys. I've had it said to me that, they don't understand what all the fuss is about.

    I have neighbours who regularly ignore the social distance rule and others who keep having visitors.

    Most people get it but a few don't, so I keep well clear of them.
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  8. Squag1

    Squag1 Can't remember.... Club Sponsor

  9. Pow-Lo

    Pow-Lo I am Grasshopper! Club Sponsor

    I hate to break this to you, Beaks, but.......

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  10. sr71caspar

    sr71caspar B̶a̶n̶n̶e̶d̶ Club Sponsor

    To be honest- you'd have to be some kind of special stupid not to realise that.
  11. derek kelly

    derek kelly The Deli lama Club Sponsor

    Do you have upturned orange buckets on the conveyor belts?
  12. Jaws

    Jaws Corporal CockUp Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    We get visited by the kids and grand kids and great grand kids almost every week, all on different days

    While they are here we sit in the front garden and they sit ( play, whatever )outside the garden a good 12 feet away.. Tea on a tray left on the gate post which is collected after Woman sits back down
    Rainy days, they ring up and before they arrive I go out and put the pop up gazebo where they are going to sit
    No probs, no drama, and all quite happy
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  13. Pow-Lo

    Pow-Lo I am Grasshopper! Club Sponsor

    I realised it when I was a child and things are not improving.

    Whilst my views are not as extreme as Slim’s, I would like to see some of these fuckwits have a nasty scare i.e. catch the virus, pass it to a few members of their family and a slack handful of friends before spending a week or two on a ventilator. That should learn ‘em.
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  14. ogr1

    ogr1 I can still see ya..... Club Sponsor

    Not as extreme?...No, you had to sugar coat it.:risas3:
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  15. Cougar377

    Cougar377 Express elevator to hell Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    I watched some daft bitch in the supermarket yesterday shopping with her two boys. Both lads were probably about 10 years old at most . She walked round the entire supermarket holding their hands, with one of them carrying a basket and the whole lot taking up 3/4 of an aisle everywhere they went.
    Why the supermarket staff let them do it baffled me.
    What was even dafter was the husband who waited outside for them.

    I feckin' despair of people like that.
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  16. slim63

    slim63 Never surrender Club Sponsor

    The way I look at it is that good intelligent people who tried to do the right thing are gone from the world forever & its mainly because of these idiots who flatly refuse to abide by sensible rules that could save lives.

    I would happily swap just one decent life for 20 of the useless fuckwits I have seen parading around town today without a care in the world & can we start with the family a few doors away from me who have repeatedly ignored all the rules from day one eg having daily visitors (inc kids & granny) and have had at least 3 BBQ's with upwards of 20 guests since the pandemic was announced :mad:
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  17. andyBeaker

    andyBeaker Moderator Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    If I saw a family holding a BBQ with upwards of twenty guests I would be on the phone to plod.

    Plod really should be able to spend their time dealing with what needs to be dealt with rather than idiots but sadly there isn't a lot of choice at the moment.
  18. andyBeaker

    andyBeaker Moderator Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    This thread highlights part of the issue - in my opinion there are behaviours (it doesn't matter who or what they are) in this thread that aren't right and are not in line with guidelines - everyone has their own interpretation to fit their circumstances.

    That factor is on top of thise out there who just don't care as they think it won't happen to them or anyone they care about, and apparently don't give a toss about anyone else.
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  19. Dark Angel

    Dark Angel Still kickin' it! Club Sponsor

    Some facts from the CMO - Briefing 11 May 2020.

  20. slim63

    slim63 Never surrender Club Sponsor

    As you know I am no lover of the plod & wont phone them for anything, added to that I don't see why they should put themselves at risk dealing with these idiots, the job is hard enough without that's sort of risk

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