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    Guys, my 19 year old lad was out in a pub called baa baa in Liverpool with a set of freinds, they had just got in to the pub sorted out where they were going to sit and set abour getting the drinks, 2 mins later there was a sort of rush of other people that entered the pub and in the rush one of my lads girl/lady freinds (as it wasnt his girl freind) was pushed down a flight of stairs, my lad being a tall 6 footer went to help Mel up and carry her out of the way

    as the rush fight started between sets of lads, my lad David was helping Mel up and to get her out of the way, he suddenly was hit from the side by a flying fist, enough to knock him around a bit but stil he carried Mel out of danger, a few seconds later he started bleeding a lot from his mouth and he realised his jaw was broken, he went to the bouncers to tell them and they more or less told him to move along an go away

    the police came and david managed to talk to them and got a incident number,

    Now the question is as he lies on his bed waiting to go into theater this morn
    could compensation be sought , we have been told the PICB could well be used as the guy or guys that did it are long gone but maybe cctv camera at the pub may tell the story, but would he have any chance of any compo cause of what happend, the Personell injuries compensation Board are there for a reason but would it cover this

    David has a fracture to the left of the jaw and a complete break to the right (I have pictures ) and we have just been told he goes in at 10 to be plated up now I am not sure how this works cause when we usualy have bumps we can get someone to blame but do we have any chance with this

    thanks guy

    Pablo :yo:
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    Firstly, I am sorry to hear about your son, I hope he makes a full and speedy recovery.

    In response to your question, yes he can claim compensation.

    There is a scheme called the Criminal Injuries Compensation Award (CICA) which compensates victims of a criminal assault.

    It does not compensate to the same values of say a personal injury claim after a road crash, but it can still be quite substantial, particularly if there are ngoing problems.

    The only criteria laid down is that the victim must not have been a causation of the injury, for example he must not have started the fight (which it appears he clearly did not) and he must not know or be related to the offenders or those that caused the injury (and that seems OK as well based on what you have said).

    Where the offenders dealt with by the Police? And are they pending a court appearance? Chances are that the CICA will not make any determination until after any such court apeaance.

    If you need further help, ping me a contact number and I will be delighted to help.
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    Thanks T C I really appreciate this and will let you know more when I speak to him again and will hopefully try and get all the info needed I am of now to the hospital and he should be out of theater now but thanks again will speak later

    Pablo :yo:
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    update the op to plate the boys jaw went well and he was able to talk and eat stuff, we are going this morn to hopefully bring him home today, the police are talking to him as I type this and we will be looking at some sort of legal claim

    T.C, thanks guy may need you help as I may have a lot of questions but again will no more later today,

    thanks @tu*

    Pablo :yo:
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    Can you sue the pub.
    Bouncers present - negligence????
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    Update the boy was home for a few days went back to the hosy for a check up all seems well, he got a email from the police.. the cameras were not viewing the inside of the pub the police are now going to look at the internal cameras and see if there is anything there

    he has been told there is a good chance for a cicb claim and all should go through the normal way

    the boy is ok in himself and is speaking ok now and has gone back to uni yesterday so all should get back to normal so thanks for the well wishes guys @tu*@tu*

    Pablo :yo:

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