John O Groats to Lands End Run

Discussion in 'Charity events' started by Brother_52, May 18, 2009.

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    Okay, so I know this is old hat to most people, but as I have only been riding a year, it's quite a big deal for me!

    Anyway, in July, me and 4 other chaps (all IAM guys) are riding from JoG to Lands End, but making the ride up to 1000 miles with a few detours so that we can a) raise money (the important bit) and b) get the ironbutt challange! There will be my trusty (!) blackbird, a Triumph Tiger, Beemer K1200S and those tank things that the actors used and all the trendys have now. We are all raising money for different charities, and mine is MS Society of GB, mainly because a good friend of mine was diagnosed in her early 30's with the disease.

    So, I'm asking for two things a) advice! and b) anybody who would like to sponsor me to go to Really would appreciate both of the above!!

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    :yo:I did this run years ago we did a few detours in week 2500miles :eek: i lost a lot of good m8s sice then. so have fun and be safe , all the best paul:yo:
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    Was at JOG last wednesday and spoke to 3 lads from Shefield who had just completed it.
    They had set off on the saturday heading to LE, then back up to Shefield again and across to the lake district taking in a bit of a tour round there then up the west coast. One of em was on an old CBX 550. I asked em what they did the ride in aid of, turned out they had only done it for fun. So fair play to you for doing it to raise money for charities.

    Incidentaly they all had some paper's that they had to get stamped at various check point's along the way... the final stamp was applied in the cafe at JOG and this entitles them to a certificate.
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    Great charity.
    My mother is the treasurer of the Lanarkshire MS Society and my step dad's the chairman.
    her friend was diagnosed with same a few years ago.

    If your ever looking for company on the run lemme know

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    sorted for you Brother 52, have a good ride and ride safe

    Mike n Pam

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