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Is it a case of money talks?

derek kelly

The Deli lama
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Paddy McGuinness is making a documentary about his three children who have been diagnosed with autism, it has taken us three years of battling to finally get a diagnosis of Tourettes for Joe, we have been told it is highly probable that he has ADHD or autism, yet still nobody is prepared to commit to a diagnosis, even offering to pay consultants to examine him has come to nothing, perhaps if I was a so called celebrity I could pull a few strings, it breaks my heart seeing this beautiful kind little boy so tortured & his Mother absolutely shattered through lack of sleep.


Never surrender
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I really dislike that bloke his voice grates on me and his general demeanor really gets my back up but if he is making a documentary that highlights the problems and brings them more into the public eye that can only be a good thing for sufferers and their families (y)

As much as I dislike him it appears to me he is using his celebrity status to get the condition talked about which could in the end benefit Joe and others like him