If Carlsberg Made Motorcycles....

Discussion in 'Coffee Shop' started by Black7, Apr 1, 2011.

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    If its a V4 then its not a bird, you cannot engineer the super smooth balanced engine that completes the sublime experience of a bird with a V4 config!

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    OK so why not a CBR1200XX built out of the UK by V&M racing? is 200mph enough for ya?

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    I suppose the comparason that the OP made between the Blackbird & ZZR1400 are the same as the comparasons i made with the Blackbird when i was a serial ZZR1100 pilot many moons ago.

    After 4 ZZR1100s, i tried the Blackbird & i found it "sterile" by comparason & totally lacking in character compared to the ZZR. It did just about everything better than the ZZR, yet it all felt a bit too easy. Easy to ride, easy to stop, easy to handle, lighter & more nimble, but at the time i wasn't sure that i preferred it over the ZZR.

    Now im on my 4th Blackbird & i have to admit, they do get under your skin. It just takes longer.
    Im not saying the ZZR1100 is a bad bike, in a direct comparason, the Blackbird moved things along a bit - more in the refinement department than anywhere else IMO.
    I was lucky enough to own both a Blackbird AND a ZZR1100 at the same time, so could compare them directly against each other.

    The ZZR came out in - i believe 1990. 6 years on & the Blackbird was the "next generation", just as the ZZR1100 was after the monsters from the 80s. . . and then again, a few years on the ZZR1400 is again the "next generation".

    Obviously, things have moved on again & the ZZR1400 is arguably the better bike - but, the Blackbird remains such a bloody good all round bike & the difference is smaller. The Blackbird has more character, just like the ZZR1100 did for me all those years ago.

    Just my ten penneth!
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    I'm looking for a Bb at the moment and have to admit I've been very tempted by the zzr14, at least until I see the prices. The cheapest here is still at least 1500-2k euros more than a seriously good bird, and nearly treble a decent one. I could get a lot of accessories, insurance and a great holiday for that, and I doubt I'd seriously miss the speed or whatever else improvements it has. So as much as I'd aspire to one, I think it'd be a bit daft really.
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    Hi Black7,

    1st post as a new member this week. Read your book and enjoyed the sentiment. I experienced the same conflicting emotions as the 4 headlights pierced my soul in the Kawasaki showroom. We rode our 57 Bird for back to back comparison.

    Consider myself as experienced biker of 63 vintage.

    ZZR14 (2013). To get the negative out of the way. I have 2 points which are:

    This current model has exhausts bigger than a very big thing which makes it impossible to fit hard luggage. I know sw motech or whoever will prob sort a fixing kit but as a sports tourer it is a big oversight.

    Those analogue clocks are ok but it defo needs digital back up that is switchable to kmh. There is no way you could judge your speed without sticking markers onto dial. I don't give a toss about my avg speed and outside temp when speed cameras would have shredded my licence.

    Styling is subjective, I personally thing the Kawa looks good.

    Ok, we get aboard what feels like starship enterprise after ageing Blackbird facia. Select full power mode and turn off traction control (thought I'd back into the corners so missus could get use to sensation!)

    We both thought bike was instantly comfortable, certainly not worse than Honda. There is no comparison regarding performance and braking. We went home on what felt like a CB500, it honestly made the Bird feel flat at first.

    Bored with typing now . . . will tell you end of story if desired.
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    hear hear!!!!!

    I've been to europe a few times over the years. First few times on the VFR 800 ( non V-Tech), a fabulous machine. So it was with some trepidation that I took the plunge and changed for a blackbird.
    I was delighted with the performace,and the only concessions i made comfort wise was a custom seat and I raised the bars by 30mm.
    I went to Italy and spain a few times with no issues and could sit comfortably with purpose built touring bikes all day.
    I hadn't been in four years, I'm in my early fifties and was wary that a few niggly back pains and neck problems might spoil my trip on the blackbird and so I went about looking for an alternative.
    In the end i couldn't find anything that gave me the same feedback and joy on a weekend run that could justify changing just for the comfort for a few weeks holiday and so I kept the old girl.
    Well.....on day one i took of from donegal , on the west coast of Ireland. 3 hours to dublin, 2 hours ferry to Wales and 6 hours to folkestone, channell tunnel and bed for the night in Calais after a long day....all well, no aches.
    A week in the south of France and a few days up and down every coll and alpine pas between france, switzerland and italy...happy days!!
    Work commitments called me home early...Took off after breakfast from lake Geneva, across northern france, channell tunnel at midnight, across england ( M25 at 3am at 130mph with 5 lanes to myself!!!!, mornigng ferry to dublin and 3 hours to donegal......1975kms straight with no stops barring fuel and ferries..and not a word of protest from the old girl.....what a lady...The blackbird has to be the benchmark that everything else should be measured against!!!!!!
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    Good write up! GIVE THAT MAN A JOB. After reading it I too have had a stickey! excellent climax too.

    Makes you proud to own a Bird. Black too with carbs@tu*

    Black7 check your bank statement, the Rev.John at Jaws has put a tidy few ????'s your way, the non converted will be, as we speak trawling flebay for for a BIRD! Thus ensuring an ever increasing new buying flock to bump up his retirement pot.
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    I have read this article before.
    On another website, tonight.
    How curious... Lol
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    great write up. would love to get my hands on a v&m tuned bird. anyone got one? the bird is my third bike in a year.bought a suzuki 125 to practice on in febuary took a test in may, passed. bought a vfr800 and loved it. started researching the bird and write ups like that convinced me to buy one.
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    With all the praise the Bird got .... Thought it was already made into a sticky .... Certainly stickier than some of Andy's monthly b(w)anking mags 8rfl@
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    I have this afternoon visited the carlsberg factory in Copenhagen and can categorically report that they do not make Blackbirds.

    They do, however, have a very, very nice tasting session.:copas:
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    Isn't it about time that this thread is 'unstuck'?
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    Put up a post about it, with a vote option and see what the result is.

    I rather suspect you are being childish, though.
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    You started it
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    Is it just me or has a certain Moderator spat the dummy ...? :crybaby2:
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    Just making a point.

    Don't like bullies.
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    Loverly irony!:meparto:
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    Great write-up, Black7... you're obviously looking for a Hacks job at "RIDE" or "MCN" o_O. Seriously, good write-up .... even if a touch over romantic about the Bird;)!

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