Help4Heroes Ride Starts 3rd April

Discussion in 'Charity events' started by Murt, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. Murt

    Murt Letch Club Sponsor

    All the planning is coming together and we start our Help4 Heroes 'round Britain ride' on 3rd April at Blackpool.
    We will be visiting a large number of towns that have had losses of Forces personnel on our weeks trip, doing press /radio / local paper interviews en route.

    Wigan Yamaha have very kindly sponsored us by loaning two brand new FJR 1300's for the duration of the ride (and afterwards for press stuff!) and Raceways have sponsored us the fuel costs.
    We did intend to stay at military establishments en route, but 'terrorist security issues' have put the dampers on that so Travel lodge have come to the Fore and are supplying rooms for reduced prices to keep our costs down.

    I will post the routes that Steve and myself will be doing at a later date, so hope to see some of the people who may live locally when we are in your neck of the woods.
    All the info is HERE for H4H page

    I will update more over the next few days.....

    Have a look ( or put a quid in the pot!)
  2. Artemis

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    Had a look, put some sweeties in the pot
  3. Murt

    Murt Letch Club Sponsor

    All is coming together now.
    Picked the FJR1300's up From Wigan Yamaha today.
    Got to get 600 miles on the clock before next Thursday afternoon!!

    They are nicely marked up with H4H markings..


    Can't believe they only have 5 gears :dunno:

  4. Howard

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    Good luck to you both for the rest of the week. :yo: keep us posted on your journey if you can.
  5. Murt

    Murt Letch Club Sponsor

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