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You'll like this Guy Martin's next big thing

Discussion in 'Coffee Shop' started by Cougar377, Dec 3, 2019 at 7:34 PM.

  1. Cougar377

    Cougar377 Express elevator to hell Club Sponsor

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  2. ogr1

    ogr1 Sex Engineer Club Sponsor

    Yarp...Looks good.
  3. Jaws

    Jaws Corporal CockUp Staff Member Moderator

    Been to Fusson several times, and the barn used that he shot out of on the bike is still there
    There is also a museum dedicated the film.. And they have 'Great Escape' days in the town !!
    Bet @Malone has been there too as it is a great town to visit and has a real god stellplatz right near the centre
  4. slim63

    slim63 Never surrender Club Sponsor

    The stunt was originally performed by Bud Elkins as Steve McQueen wasn't quite up to it, there are many kids who could do it now on modern bikes & probably do a backflip in the process but when you consider it was done on an old triumph twin it was bloody impressive !

    I hope Guy has a go on an old triumph rather than something modern or otherwise its a pretty pointless exercise
  5. Cougar377

    Cougar377 Express elevator to hell Club Sponsor

    I read somehwere that McQueen wanted to do the stunt but the director wasn't keen in case he got injured. Legend has it that they conned McQueen into doing something to distract him while Elkins did the stunt.

    Modern one by the look of it....

  6. slim63

    slim63 Never surrender Club Sponsor

    I just lost interest in this know plenty of blokes who could do it with ease any day of the week on modern bikes, its not a massive jump by todays standards, what made it impressive at the time was that a jump like that hadn't been tried & the fairly ordinary machine it was done on

    I like Guy he's got some guts but it looks like this isn't going to be done properly so probably wont bother watching it
  7. Cougar377

    Cougar377 Express elevator to hell Club Sponsor

    Apparently he's going to try to do both fences.... whether that's one at a time (as Hilts was trying to do in the film) or both in one hit, remains to be seen.
    Might be worth a watch to see how that pans out.
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  8. Malone

    Malone Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    Sadly no, not yet. I know I’ve been near the area, I assume you mean Fussen nearby the 3 castles of mad king Ludwig?
    As yet I’ve never taken the motorhome into Germany itself and sampled the stellplatz, but I’m hoping to get near next year.

    concidentally I watched the Great Escape yet again last week, and he still didn’t make the second jump.

    on the subject of modern bikes I’m sure there are many of today’s riders able to do the jump. But stick them on a mid sixties Triumph the same as Bud Ekins was on and I’d doubt they would do much better. It looks like Guy will be on a new Triumph Scrambler, lots more power, lots more weight and better brakes, suspension and tyres. To me, it’s just TV making a programme to fill time using him as he’s currently “flavour of the m0nth” and in the absence of an equivalent machine to what was used it will be a bit of a letdown. I’ll still watch it though.
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  9. Jaws

    Jaws Corporal CockUp Staff Member Moderator

    But the modern bike is much much heavier yet has about the same power as the old one used in the film

    According to the guff in the museum McQueen did indeed want to do it, but the insurance company involved would not allow it
  10. Jaws

    Jaws Corporal CockUp Staff Member Moderator

    Its only about a mile or so from the Austrian border
    Germany is fantastic.. They 'get' motorhomes and the German people are among the most welcoming people we have met
  11. slim63

    slim63 Never surrender Club Sponsor

    I watched a programme on McQueen, on that Bud Elkins said McQueen did want to do it & trained for it but wasn't sure he could make it so Bud did it himself, I don't remember any mention of the insurance etc & McQueen wouldn't have taken any notice anyway, they never wanted him to race or do the isdt but he did it anyway

    The new bike has around 65hp & a big lump of torque the old speed twin had maybe 35hp if you were lucky & about as much torque as your average rice pudding, the new bike has good long travel suspension both ends that will no doubt be set up professionally or even changed for the jump Bud Elkins had a road bike with longer stiffer rear springs & more oil in the forks + faith in his ability, a huge bucket full of skill & no fear.

    Sorry but I see no comparison in what was achieved back then & what is being attempted now !
  12. Jaws

    Jaws Corporal CockUp Staff Member Moderator

    I think I will take the info from a museum rather than a telly program that was ( if memory serves ) a homage to McQueen.. which contained a fare bit of stuff from his son that was later refuted by others

    The bike they used was far from standard ( currently owned by Dick Shepherd as part of an extensive Trumpet collection ) and it was a TR6
    Too late to get the exact spec it was then in, but it is speculated to have had around the 50 to 55 BHP mark which would be very believable given the factory spec

    The TR6 weighed in at 365 lbs

    The new version has 65bhp and weighs a porky 454 lbs !

    I therefore think they are quite comparable in the performance stakes.. But I would add the older version would have been, in my opinion, far more nimble
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  13. Malone

    Malone Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    I wonder how much it would cost to put a period correct ( i.e. early 60s not mid 40s) TR6 to the Bud Ekins spec so that the jump could have been compared properly? Maybe £25-£30k? Perhaps the show should have done one as that kind of money would be mere pennies to them.
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  14. Jaws

    Jaws Corporal CockUp Staff Member Moderator

    A lot less than that..You can get a TR6 all done up for under 10k, and a rough but running one circa 6k
  15. andyBeaker

    andyBeaker Moderator Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    What makes Guy Martin watchable is everything seems a bit Heath Robinson, despite his undoubted engineering prowess.

    Always seems to be courting failure rather than nailing whatever he's doing.
  16. Malone

    Malone Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    No, I meant an all singing all dancing Bud Ekins replica. That would need a lot of special bits and pieces, far removed from a stock TR6
  17. Malone

    Malone Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

  18. jeffa

    jeffa Been there, and had one Club Sponsor

    I will be interested to see how many Germans are there trying to shoot him :couch:
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  19. sib8292

    sib8292 Old Hand Club Sponsor

    Now if he could do it on a Blackbird that would be something!!
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  20. Jaws

    Jaws Corporal CockUp Staff Member Moderator

    Yes I realised that, but you can get all the engine bits for a few hundred beer tokens and the body work for less than that
    Add on a max of a grand for labour and you still have change of 10k :)

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