Glasgow Easter Egg Run 2010

Discussion in 'Charity events' started by ascar, Feb 14, 2010.

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    the egg run was cancelled last year as there was road works at the start point so this year they have moved the start.
    though MAG says that the run is not on BOTH MCN and the local council have the new details

    4th April start time 1pm @ govan road in glasgow

    in the past there have been up to 9,000 bikes on this run and it is one of the largest charity runs in Scotland.
    So if you want a ride out for a good cause then pop along.
    there is a face book page as well
  2. ascar

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    all the permisions are there and this run is on - as it is the largest charity run in Scotland it would be good to see more birds there . you can even put your bike in fancy outfits

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