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Giving priority

Discussion in 'Legal Eagle Roost' started by bishbosh, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. bishbosh

    bishbosh Registered User Read Only

    TC et al

    Hi, didn't want to jump in on other post with this side question so posting here.

    You said in Robsbird's thread that you must

    "give priority to traffic on the major carriageway"

    Now I live on a busy road and to reverse into my narrow driveway I have to line up away from the kerb. As is often the case by the time I stop and start to reverse a car is approaching. I was told by instructor many moons ago that when reversing you need to give priority so stop and allow them to maneuver around you or give you permission to complete your maneuver. Therefore, when I see someone approaching I stop giving them enough time to stop (30 limit) or pass on other side of road.

    So a few questions :
    1. does stopping on a carriageway mean you are not giving priority ?
    2. if you are stationary and have given other traffic time to stop safely and they still hit you are you at fault at all ?
    3. I sometimes reverse from facing traffic, is that unlawful or just unwise ?


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