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Gatso's Triton

Gatso shy

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Triton T100 off the race track

fitted lights / seat & reg'd fot the road

full Monty Ward Motor early lister disc's as quick as

750 ARE Bonnevilles ( if you remember them)


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Gatso shy

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And just to prove I was riding

"the Wheels Off" from a very early age:yo:


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Eee them wert days Gats'

I had a Triumph Daytona T100R. A bit rare then and sought after now. TJV 529J where are you? It would show 105mph on the clock but you daren't do it for very long. Very quick until the valves hit the pistons. Rebuilt the motor but the clutch was a nightmare.
It either dragged or slipped. The crankcase breathed through 3 small holes into the primary chaincase. The resultant emulsifications did nothing for primary chain longevity and clutch.
Oh the joys of British bike ownership.
Freeing the clutchplates on Triumphs before you kicked them off. Replacing lost tappet covers that vibrated loose.
Tickling the carbs and retarding the ignition on my Matchless and BSAs. Forgeting to retard the ignition on my G3LS and setting fire to the bike with a blow back.
No need to change the oil (total loss system i.e. leaks).
Because we didn't know any different this was what motorcycling was about. Little time socialising and riding. Lots of time in the garage with bleeding knuckles and oily sandwwiches.

Gatso shy

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Reliability oh I mean lack of.

I'd forgotten that part....

Trying to kick start the (Hi-comp) mutha

( I was 9st wet, at the time )

Lights failing on the way to a Mallory Park Post TT meet in 72
and trying to ride back to London B4 it got dark vafter the last race.

Super strong clutch spring's , dynamo's disintergrating

Having to shut off at max speed, to read the motorway signs
co's the vibration blurred everything.

Triangular race tyres, that always slid (in the wet) b4 they
gripped again.

The truth is we probably did very few miles on these machines
but the good memories are etched in stone.

But I'd swap the Blackbird to have those 35 years again