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Dark Angel

Still kickin' it!
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What a brilliant day we had ? starting with a ride to sunny Wakefield through beautiful hills and dales for the
best cup of coffee we?ve had for a while ? plus a bit of diagnostic work on an electronically deviant motorcycle.

After that, instead of going to Oulton Park for the BSB, we had a mooch around before heading for some grub at one of our favourite stops.


The sunshine was just too good to give up after that, so we nipped up onto the moors and found
ourselves handily at Coldstones Cut, just a couple of miles away from Pateley Bridge.




On a day like today, it was stunning!

Finally, we headed homeward via Bolton Abbey ? I don?t remember the restaurant at the Priest?s House



Then again, I bet it?s more than ten years since we?ve been through
those parts, but, all in all, it really was a beautiful day.​


Been there, and had one
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Had never heard of Coldstones cut but a quick google sorted that. Seems like a place worth visiting.
Keep meaning to go to the route 59 cafe I was told about it a while back whilst at Devils that they have a bike night on Tuesdays. I will get round to having me tea there one night.

Dark Angel

Still kickin' it!
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If ya like good, clean, fresh food... Get tert 59!! @tu*

Coldstones is quite a place - and getting there's a lot of fun when Mr Sunshine comes out to play... :yo: