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french peage

Discussion in 'Touring Issues' started by rovert57, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. rovert57

    rovert57 Registered User Read Only

    do the automated toll booths have a pay machine on both sides of the lane or do you have to get out of the car and run round to the left side to pay .
  2. Rheumatoid

    Rheumatoid B.I.R.D Intellectual

    My passenger has always paid. never noticed and right sided booths.
  3. rovert57

    rovert57 Registered User Read Only

    yes when travelling with a passenger but I was thinking of when you are driving alone .

    CBRDEAN0 Registered User Read Only

  5. Alexhoc

    Alexhoc Registered User Read Only

    The toll tag linked above is really worth it even if you only go once a year, even with a passenger as it saves so much faffing! Some tolls in the north (near the ferries) will have machines both sides, on very busy days, like the monday after the Le Mans 24 hours, they might have attendants taking you card to the machine on the other side, but that's about it.
  6. rovert57

    rovert57 Registered User Read Only

    thanks people . that autopayer looks like the way to go .
  7. richardgore

    richardgore Old Hand Club Sponsor

    I've just got back (last night) from my first trip through France using the SANEF peage auto payment thingy and it was a doddle. The nice thing is using the far left hand lanes - marked with a 't' and a red 30 sign. This is only for telepeage users, so no waiting for someone in front to faff about with c'card. Just cruise up to the barrier and 'beep' - you're off. Max speed is 30 kph, by the way (but I didn't test it).

  8. Alexhoc

    Alexhoc Registered User Read Only

    Yeah these can be a bit "bum clenching" the first few times... You approach the barrier at 30kph, battling with yourself not to slam on the anchors, and at the last minute it opens... and breathe out...

    I'm going on the bike this summer, it will be interesting to see how it works then!
  9. lee j

    lee j Registered User Read Only

    Does the telepeage system 'see the vehicle' and charge a bike at the lesser rate than a car? or would all bikes have to pay the higher kilometer charge rate as per cars?

  10. Alexhoc

    Alexhoc Registered User Read Only

    Apparently they'll see the bike correctly if you go in the unrestricted lanes and there aren't any vehicles too close to you. The car only lanes only charge the car rate. If it gets it wrong you can claim back.

    In the end I used a credit card. The tag may not work if it's mounted behind the screen on a sports bike (too low apparently), so I had to take something out of my bag in any case, might as well make sure it charges the right amount in the first place! The card machines are really quick anyway so it's not like I was delayed much.
  11. Jaws

    Jaws Corporal CockUp Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    Personally, I NEVER use peages nowadays
    We learnt a long time ago that the travel time is pretty much the same with or without..
    Why ?
    Cos Peage routes tend to do big sweeping loops round towns.. And France is such a huge place it is rare to get stuck anywhere..( and of course as well as the peage cost its self, fuel is massively more expensive on them !
  12. Crash fin

    Crash fin Well-Known Member Club Sponsor

    Same here John. Have been travelling same route to France (Lower Normandy) for past 16 yrs with the kids and always been on the toll motorways. This Easter, just me and wife decided to go "overland" through towns and villages, as i have on the bird solo. Took a bit longer but lots more to see, great views and saved around ?30 even taking fuels costs into account.
  13. Jaws

    Jaws Corporal CockUp Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    As an aside, lots of people with big motorhomes get nabbed on the autobooths as HGV,s.. But it is easy to sort out there and then

    If you are on a bike and the charges displayed come up wrong ( as in car rates or whatever ), just press the attendee assist ( or similar ) and within a very short time you will get someone come out and sort things for you.
    Trying to reclaim an over payment through the system at a later date is fraught with all sorts of issues ( When we first started motorhoming we got caught out for a fee of 80 ? on an autobooth.. did not realise it at the time and it was only a couple of weeks later going through the credit card bill I spotted it. They ( French peage people ) agreed the charge was wrong but we never got back so much as a cent )

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