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Final ones (for now!)


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Seeing as this is the proper place to stick the bike piccy's, thought I'd shove the latest ones on here.

This years additions....

Clear rear brake cover
Clear rear indicator covers
'Silverfusion' indicator bulbs
LED Rear/Brake Lights
'Graphic Plait' number plate
Anodised bar ends
Polished alloy (courtesy of Seb at 321)
100w Iridium headlight bulbs
White Clock Faces (321 again!)
Set of Bt010/020's



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... Russ. Who's the seat from mate, - I'm sure you have have mentioned it before (!!) and I've been looking for the thread but can't find it.



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Hi Rob

Its a Melvin Hunter special, I had a look through both the Blackbird sites but couldn't find his adverts (I thought they used to be on here?).
Anyway I eventually found his web site address, its, http://www.motorbike-seats.co.uk/ a lot of us have used him to 'sculpt' seats to fit our arses, a damn fine fit they are too !!

Happy riding m8



Been there, and had one
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On the way to Skye

Wasn't as sunny as the others, but scenery was better....