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England - end of june

Discussion in 'Touring Issues' started by Hertog Jan, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. Hertog Jan

    Hertog Jan Registered User Read Only

    As shown in the title, me and a lady-friend will visit The South for a week. She rides a ZX6R and I the German Tractor 8rfl@
    The plan is travelling without a plan :-0) Get on land in Dover and than going west. A bit sightseeing and enjoying the landscape.
    How about the availability of B&B's in the summer ? Or maybe staying in a hotel ? Don't know what is best. I don't want to take the tent with me. Just some clean underwear will do @tu*
    If you know a 'must-see' please inform me.

    Have a nice weekend,


    Edit: the plan has changed. There won't be a England tour in 2016. In stead I'm planning to visit the BB Bash 2017.
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2016
  2. stormer

    stormer Registered User Read Only

    Wales and Scotland are a better bet.....F1sh1ing
  3. americanexpress

    americanexpress Registered User Read Only

    Dartmoor has some amazing roads, just watch out for the sheep (just like Wales)
  4. Jaws

    Jaws Corporal CockUp Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    Hertog, there is just SO much to see !!

    Do have any idea of how far you would like to travel ?
    What sort of thing would you like to see ?

    There is all sorts from Submarine graveyards to the Dr Who experience to .. well you get he idea @tu*

    And B & B is the best bet unless you are rich and famous LOL !!

    At the time you are travelling all the boarding houses will be open but it is a very quiet time.. Season does not really start until well in to July.. so you will have no problem finding places
  5. Hertog Jan

    Hertog Jan Registered User Read Only

    Scotland... I've heard they eat their own children... ;-)
    We only have a week so Scotland is out of reach. But it will stay on the to-do-list.

    Why ? Pickpocketing ? :-0)
    That's an option, looks good. From there we could decide in which direction we go. Lands End for example, but for me a cliff is a cliff... Or we go straight up to Exmoor. And than Wales.

    And exactly th?t's the problem ! There is too much to see :eek:
    We've no idea how far we go. How far can you go in 6 days ? Note: I'm not riding a Blackbird anymore and we are on holiday, not on the run...
    I like the old churches and castles, Stonehenge could be interesting also.
    Or museums like the one we visited in 2008 (BB Bash).
    Submarine graveyard sounds good.

    Famous yes, rich no :-0)
    That is just fine, so we won't have to book in advance. And I'm Dutch, so cheaper is better :p

    Thanks all for your input so far @tu*
  6. slim63

    slim63 Never surrender Club Sponsor

    If you are happy to do a few miles wales is good for castles & some seaside bits, there are some great roads through the mountains too @tu*

    For B&B's in summer a lot can get pre booked & full especially in tourist type places but anytime you get stuck I found that the local tourist information office which are in most towns will usually be able to find you somewhere at short notice most on their books are reasonably priced too

    Don't forget a lot of pubs have rooms for rent too if you don't mind a bit of noise until closing time, of course it could be you making the noise :-0)
  7. Squag1

    Squag1 Can't remember.... Club Sponsor

    I usually try book ahead in local tourist office. Guess how far I will get and book there. Assuming service still exists.
    If you go west.
    The Brighton palace, can't think proper title.
    Naval museum Portsmouth.
    Fishbourne Roman villa.
    Rail museum somewhere near there also
    See National Motor museum. Sammy Miller bike museum.

    Botanic Gardenhave a place on that route, in one part they store all the seeds of 'all' the plants .....Wakehurst

    huge grounds, possible to get lost.
    if I think of more
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2016
  8. noobie

    noobie Clueless in most things Read Only


    CBRDEAN0 Registered User Read Only

    I find this site really good for last minute B&B bookings.

    Have had rooms as little as ?25 a night booked same day

  10. Hertog Jan

    Hertog Jan Registered User Read Only

    Thanks guys, I see a lot of possibilities @tu*

    The last time I was in the UK was in 2008...
    Oh no, I was at the Darts semi-finals last year at Alexandra Palace but that doesn't count :whi5tl:
  11. Squag1

    Squag1 Can't remember.... Club Sponsor

    Bikes, darts - all downhill. On the correct site 8rfl@
    Will be drinking and spitting next :-0)
  12. Jaws

    Jaws Corporal CockUp Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    Winchester Cathedral is worth a visit and the dock area of Plymouth ..

    Keeping to the south part of England, Romney Marsh area.. go to Greatstone Lakes and take a walk round the very first devices used to detect enemy planes as the approached..
    MASSIVE concrete audio mirrors !

    The Roman baths at Bath..

    A little further up country,The city of Oxford. Well worth a wander round the universities .. On a warm sunny day you can really understand why the term city of dreaming spires

    Also while there check out Oxford Castle
    Built in the late 1060's for William it later became a jail house..
    I seem to remember reading a plaque outside saying it is supposed to be the most haunted place in England !!

    Stratford Upon Avon is worth a visit .. The Bards house is still open to visitors as is Anne Hathaway's house

    The Eden project is OK if you are in to things botanical but it is expensive and I found it boring !

    As Squag mentioned, the Royal Pavilion .. which was built for George, Prince of Wales around 1800. It was a retreat for Victoria too and if you take the tour you will be able to visit her bedroom ! LOL !!

    Also while in Brighton, take a walk round 'The Lanes'
    It is a big area that harks back to Victorian times as the lanes, all lined with tiny shops, are packed in very close to each other !

    Coming away from the west of the UK and going east, there is an old cold war emergency bunker you can visit

    It was bought lock stock and barrel by someone and kept completely in tact as it was..
    Very VERY cheap to take the full tour..
    You will find it if you google Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker

    Hopefully that little lot will give you a few ideas Hertog..

    Me and Woman travel an awful lot.. We do get to see quite a bit and the above are based on places we have been to in the last 2 or three years.. All done in-between extended trips around Europe !
  13. Hertog Jan

    Hertog Jan Registered User Read Only

    How on earth can it be a secret if it can be found on the internet ? :-0)

    It will put all your tips & tricks on a list and than sort them out so I'll have an idea where to go.
  14. Hertog Jan

    Hertog Jan Registered User Read Only

    No problem with that :beer:
  15. Jaws

    Jaws Corporal CockUp Staff Member Moderator Club Sponsor

    I know !! LOL !!!

    And there are a couple of others around the country too
    The one in Essex though has EVERYTHING still in it.. right down to the air scrubbers and the toilet brushes !!!
  16. Hertog Jan

    Hertog Jan Registered User Read Only

    This morning I woke up and after a lot of thinking I decided to cancel my England journey.
    Last week I took 6 days off because my dad passed away. Now that's not the main reason I won't go to England. It is more the shortage of days-off the rest of the year. I already had some and in september I have planned a 1,5 week trip with a friend. Via Eastern Germany, Czech Republic (in one day thru) and Austria to Italy. Curves, curves, curves and more curves. Oh, and mountains :yo:
    It was a hard decision but sometimes things don't work out as you want to.
    The good thing is that nothing was booked.
    I'm sorry for not visiting your country (...again, ask Russ. But that was me big mouth shouting before thinking...)

    Greetings, Jan
  17. noobie

    noobie Clueless in most things Read Only

    Sorry to hear about your Dad Jan, My condolences to you and your family.
  18. Hertog Jan

    Hertog Jan Registered User Read Only

    Thank you very much noobie !

    Please tell me that the weather was really awful this week :-0)

    Yesterday I was driving on the German A61 near Stromberg, the motorway was flooded.
    Near my Dutch hometown hailstone as big as ping-pong balls shattered roofs and car windows. About 15 miles west are greenhouses completely damaged...
  19. noobie

    noobie Clueless in most things Read Only

    Funnily enough particularly on the South East and London, it lashed down on several days.
  20. Hertog Jan

    Hertog Jan Registered User Read Only

    I've heard that there is some sort of motorcycle event end of may.
    Somewhere between Cambridge and Norwich.
    Sounds interesting :whi5tl:

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