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  1. PsychoBikerBen

    PsychoBikerBen Psychotic Artworker Read Only

    Enduro Africa is a unique and challenging motorcycle adventure in aid of 3 amazing causes - UNICEF, Sentebale ? The Princes? Fund for Lesotho and the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund.

    Who is to partake on this honourable 'Ride For Life'? I hear you ask.

    None other than Fat Bert.

    Yup, you heard it right!

    That jolly old Tenby tosser is going off to do something very worth while and help raise vital funds for thre amazing causes.

    Bert will also be joined by fellow Tenby bike riding buddy, Graham, who's usual choice of bike is a Blackbird, and together they need you to help them in their task of raising funds for 'Enduro Africa.'

    You know, I'm so chuffed with what Bert is doing (and a little envious if truth be told), I might even stop denying that I know him.

    To find out more, you can go to 'The Daft Way Round' (Dave [Fat Burt] & Graham's site) & see what, how & why they are doing this tremendous event.

    They both have the task of raising ?5000 each

    Any support & donation, how ever big or small, will be gratefully received.

    Good luck guys.
  2. Fat Bert

    Fat Bert Registered User Read Only

    Thanks Ben

    I don't frequent these parts much nowadays but any donations [big or small] would be very much appreciated

    If peeps do want to make a contribution, then they can do so via PayPal from the website - just click the Donate button at the top of every website page

    or here

    A the end of the event a full financial statement will be available to sponsors - suitably audited by Chartered Accounts with whom we have no connection

    The website wot I wrote http://www.thedaftwayround.com

    One funny thing was when we made the formal application - had to fill in the question "Do you have any off-road riding experience?"

    I marked mine "None - intentionally" !! :eek: :eek:

    Simon Smith from EnduroAfrica rang the next morning to find out what I meant LOL LOL LOL

    In a Nutshell..............

    Every minute of every day, a baby is born with HIV, passed on by his or her mother during pregnancy, labour or upon delivery. The good news is however that we can prevent babies getting HIV from their mothers. In fact the drug that halves the chance of babies getting HIV from their mums costs just 68p.

    To reach a health centre, some pregnant women have to walk anything up to 200 miles

    Off-Road Motorbikes are the quickest and most cost-effective method for health workers to visit pregnant women

    We plan to buy 2 bikes and fund the running costs for 12 months. We will use these bikes on our 2000km adventure before packing into crates for shipping to Zimbabwe.

    The health workers will use the bikes we have actually ridden!

    Funds raised in excess of the minimum we need will be equally split between the 3 charities, detailed on the challenge page

    There is an EnduroAfrica downloadable movie from the website that is truly inspiring and if anyone watched McGregor and Boorman last sunday - they made reference to the biking health workers - the initial adventure in 2006 was raising funds via Riders For Health - the challange has now been taken up by EnduroAfrica who aim to buy 200 bikes and run them for a full year

    Any funds raised over the initial ?300K will be equally split between the 3 chosen charities

    Just hope my fecking knees will stand up to 2000km off road!!!


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  3. mick the knife

    mick the knife Registered User Read Only

    Sorry, no spare cash or energy left as all mine is being put into the F.A.C.E cancer appeal

    but good luck to you.
  4. Samster

    Samster chamon motherf*cker Read Only

    Donated via PayPal.................. I was surprised to say the least when I got the email earlier in the week!

    It's a GREAT cause, and for Bert will be the adventure of a lifetime, memories he'll never forget.

    The question is, will he be able to harness all the power that the 200cc Yams have to offer?
  5. Fat Bert

    Fat Bert Registered User Read Only


    This year they're using Honda's!!

    Thanks for the donation Samster - appreciated :)
  6. Samster

    Samster chamon motherf*cker Read Only

    Honda's they may be, but they'll be under the 33bhp limit........... are you sure you can cope with grunt?

    In all seriousness, it's going to be amazing. Got me thinking how much I'd love to do it one year.

    Fair play to you. :yo:
  7. Fat Bert

    Fat Bert Registered User Read Only


    33 or 133 bhp

    When you take off and land on ya knackers - the pain will be the same!! :violin: :violin: :violin:
  8. PsychoBikerBen

    PsychoBikerBen Psychotic Artworker Read Only

    Good job you've already had the 'op' then.
  9. Fat Bert

    Fat Bert Registered User Read Only


    Maybe but the little fookers still ache when you bounce on them :eek: [apparently]

    Off looking for a cheap trailie now to practise on - wonder who's fooking idea that was? d34l

    Water Lane - here we come :) w;;v

    We approached the same "trainers" as ?McGregor/Boorman used........

    ?357 per day per !!!!!
  10. Fat Bert

    Fat Bert Registered User Read Only

    In Training~~~~~!

    Gone into training to cope with all that 33 bhp grunt

    Speakers off - watch the clip..............

    9G ?? Piece of pi$$

    Then re-watch the clip and imagine it's some bloke who's "flicking one off the wrist" and has forgotten to turn the webcam off? h1d1ng2 h1d1ng2 h1d1ng2


    In Training!!!
  11. PsychoBikerBen

    PsychoBikerBen Psychotic Artworker Read Only

    Yup, the best training & exercise is to get a traillie and do lots of green lanes.

    You'll only develop the parts of your body that are needed to do those African miles standing on the pegs by going out on the UK's legal byways and doing the same.
    And the bonus is, you can start by doing a short run and gradually build up the time out on the trails.
    You and Graham need a machine each as you should never go out on your own unless very experienced.

    Just buy the relevant OS maps for your local counties and you'll find the legal byways are marked. Just look at the key to make sure your on the legal ones.

    Don't f*ck about on illegal paths or tracks or you'll soon provide excuses for the local do-gooders to rally round and lobby to have the surrounding legal byways closed to motorised traffic.

    I garantee, that if you start enjoying it, you'll place the enjoyment higher than road riding.
    Oh, and buy a rehidration system such as a Camelback. You'll need to keep those fluids up mate, especially on the first few runs when you work out you've got far too many layers on and your boiling your tits off.
  12. Fat Bert

    Fat Bert Registered User Read Only

    Thanks for the advice

    Might just invite you across here next year so you can show us?

    First beer will be on me [as per a coupla weeks back]
  13. PsychoBikerBen

    PsychoBikerBen Psychotic Artworker Read Only

    If i get my kitchen pass stamped, I'd be glad too.

    You can't go far wrong joining THIS LOT
    There should be a group for your area.
  14. D.S.

    D.S. Registered User Read Only

    Lumpy and his recovery services will be requied then :}

    At Jerez last weekend we raised over ?3k for Riders for Health.
    Good luck with your trip mate.
  15. Fat Bert

    Fat Bert Registered User Read Only

    Cheers Snack Pot

    Cheers DS

    Trip is scheduled for November next year

    Any chance of a borrow of ya pressure guage?
  16. Barrie

    Barrie Registered User Read Only

    Yes, good luck to all fund raisers but, charity begins at home.
  17. Fat Bert

    Fat Bert Registered User Read Only


    You have such a way with words Lumpy d34l

    Things are starting to pick up momentum albeit slowly

    Lots of activity on and off the Interneeb

    Someone's pledged ?500 for me to do the New Years Day swim in the freezing cold sea :eek:

    Offered to double it if I do it in just Speedo's :eek: :eek:

    and quadruple it - if I drown :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Things you do for charity eh? LOL

    Important thing I guess is to get people to donate sooner rather than later

    It's easy to put off till later - the old saying though "tomorrow never comes"

    The ?10K buys the 2 bikes, fuels and maintains them for 12 months and funds the trip and support teams [medical and mechanical]

    I know that the EnduroAfrica trip is 12 months away BUT if we can acheive the "minimum target of ?10K" as soon as possible, EVERY PENNY raised over that target will be 100% cash donation to the 3 very deserving causes

    and I guess THAT'S the driving force

    Out of the 200 hundred riders worldwide [and I believe all places have now gone for 2008] one guy has apparently already raised ?150K

    Game on I guess?

    If anyone wants to watch the movie [stream or download]........

    Click here to watch
  18. D.S.

    D.S. Registered User Read Only

    And we can all quess who that was! :}
  19. tonymac

    tonymac Registered User Read Only

    Must agree with Barrie and Mick, but wanted to wish you all the best m8 and hope you reach your target
  20. Barrie

    Barrie Registered User Read Only

    Dont forget to e-mail me the sponsor form Tony

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