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An update on this.....we have phoned the suppliers four times and four times been told someone would call back, which needless to,say they didn't.

So I went to their showroom yesterday, made a bit of a noise in a calm and dignified way suggesting that they needed to get this sorted. They phoned the manufacturer (who made the initial error) while I was there who promised they would get the new panel out within seven days. The supplier undertook to me they would fit the new panel at the latest they day after they received it.

When I got home Mrs B advise the supplier had called while I was out to ask if they could fit the panel, tomorrow i.e. What is now today.

Having thought about it I wouldn't even have got to the supplier when the call was made.

What a shambles.

Everybody lying from the look of it, telling me what I wanted to hear to get rid of me.

Apparently it is all being refitted as I type.

I did get the bill reduced by £200 while I was in the showroom yesterday so I suppose that's good.