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Cougar 377


Express elevator to hell
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Where is he?
I miss his satirical wit.
You soft headed old twerp. I bet it's been unduly civilised on the satire and wit front, while I've been otherwise engaged.

My foray into self employment has taken a bit of a hammering since I started it at the beginning of the year, so I've bitten the bullet and gone back to the real world and taken up regular employment.
I've gone back to engineering quality control, which is something I haven't done since the '90s. Unfortunately it's also shift work, which I also haven't done since the 90's, so I'm absolutely fecked these last 2 weeks. Too shagged out to come on here and remind you that you're riding what looks like Stevie Wonder's best efforts with a Meccano set. :D

I'll catch up with all the goss
this weekend, once I've had a recharge.


I can still see ya.....
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Aye..I thinks i am getting soft in my decaying youth.
Shift work is a killer, did 20 years of that...never again, but in this climatic poo bowl, i guess you did not have much choice.
Anyhow yer back now, just a heads up cause we old sassenachs thought you had been converted to the dark side.:D