cctv camera into windows 10 pc

Discussion in 'Help with all other issues' started by Ned52, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. Ned52

    Ned52 Old Hand Club Sponsor

    Hi all,...…….my head :eusa_doh:

    Been running a cctv camera into my pc (windows 7) for some time
    now, switched to windows 10 and on updates its unable to run the
    capture device (unknown usb device) in the past I have done a restore
    which has sorted it out but now for whatever reason (?) I seem to have
    lost my restore points so unable to sort the problem out in that way or
    any other, having tried repairing, replacing drivers updating etc so now
    I’m now looking for a USB interface video capture device for a
    external cctv analog signal to run on the latest Windows 10.

    Many thanks
  2. Cougar377

    Cougar377 Express elevator to hell Club Sponsor

    No chance that you can roll back to Windoze 7....?

    You may have either corrupt or duplicate drivers. Windoze 10 has a nasty habit of screwing up drivers after an update, especially if they are "legacy" drivers (not specifically designed for Win 10).
    Try these in the order shown....

    To check for duplicates, go into Device Manager:

    1) Click on VIEW and then select SHOW HIDDEN DEVICES
    Under the relevant section, any duplicates and dormant drivers will show as being greyed out.
    Delete any duplicates, reboot and try again.

    To correct a corrupt driver problem, go into Device Manager again:

    1) Right click on the driver entry and select UNINSTALL
    The pop-up window gives you an option to "delete the driver software from this device" - leave this unchecked and click OK.
    Reboot the PC and try again.

    2) If that doesn't work then do the same again but check the box this time, then reboot.

    NOTE: Windows may retain a copy of the driver and re-install during the re-boot, but if it doesn't then make sure you have the driver software to hand BEFORE doing this (either on CD or in a folder somewhere).
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  3. Ned52

    Ned52 Old Hand Club Sponsor

    Just had a go at the first part above..
    then removed the hardware rebooted the pc, then reinstalled everything.
    I have now got the device showing in the cctv setup software, so seems that I may have
    a faulty capture device as the cctv picture is not as clear as before.

    many thanks for your help

    ps its all a can of worms :copas:
  4. Cougar377

    Cougar377 Express elevator to hell Club Sponsor

    Just a thought but does your PC have USB 3 ports...? They're the ones with a blue tab in the slot (USB slots with the standard black tab are the older USB 2 ones).
    Older hardware can have problems when connected to a USB 3 slot and there have been problems with Windows 10's support for USB 3.

    The other possible is if you're connecting through a USB hub (rather than using a USB slot on the PC itself). Again, Windows 10 has caused some compatibility issues with some hubs, especially if they are USB 3 or a mix of USB 2 and 3 slots).
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  5. Ned52

    Ned52 Old Hand Club Sponsor

    The USB ports I have are...………….

    I will look into your comments as soon as I can.
    thanks again.

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