Cassington Bike Night 4,000 Bikes - 7.30pm Mon 25th June

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  1. speed_demon666

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    Hello all,

    Another annual event is upon us. This year's Cassington Bike night is on Monday June 25th.

    The whole village of Cassington in Oxfordshire just off the A40 between Oxford and Witney will be taken over by at least 4,000 bikes for one evening.

    All in aid of the local school (where you park on their playing fields), 2 pubs, BBQ, Hog roast, classic bike display and some live music. Well worth going just to see the masses of different bikes.

    We'll be leaving Burford at 7pm to get there for 7.30pm. Anyone want to meet up either at Burford (and we'll take a twisty backroad route there ;) ) or in Cassington?

    If its in Cassington I suggest 8pm at the gateway to the field with the barn in it (if you walk out from the school, cross the road to the pub opposite then walk down that side towards the A40 end of the village and the second pub, and there is a gate with a hay barn where people park)

    My Moby is 07721 038628.

    Who's coming? :yo:

    Tom M

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  2. Bodmin

    Bodmin Guest

    w;;v I'll probably go, but need to meet at Cassington. Will confirm asap.

  3. XXscraper

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    Hi Tom,

    Yes mate i'll be going with Floss from the VFR site - will make a note of your number and meet you there as Burford is a little outta the way from Newport Pagnell.

    Nick :beer:
  4. Bodmin

    Bodmin Guest


    Is it ok if i come to yours, and ride down with you?

    Cheers Phil
  5. speed_demon666

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    Yeah mate thats fine. If anyone else wants to meet at Burford to do the roller coaster ride that is the charlbury ride their more than welcome.

    Cool! will meet everyone there about 8pm by the gate into the field where the hay barn is. (on the corner of the main street by the little triangle of grass, at the end of the green where all the classic bikes park, not far from one of the pubs). :yo:

    Tom M
  6. speed_demon666

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    Looking wet for this year, However I will re-assess tomorrow afternoon but currently, still planning on going even if it is wet, although if thats the case I'll be using the A40 to get there and staying off the twisty roads.

    Tom M
  7. speed_demon666

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    weather is currently excellet here, lots of sun but will decide at about 5.30ish one way or t'other.

    Tom M
  8. speed_demon666

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    Still dry and nice here so we're gonna go (in fact we'll be going if it isnt).

    We'll be leaving Burford about 6.30pm. If anyone wants to join us for the ride there, meet us at the back of The Golden Pheasant in Burford.

    From the top of the hill, take the exit AFTER the one for the burford Highstreet on the A40/Burford roundabout .

    Follow the road (Barns Lane) round and down the hill. You will be running parallel to the Highstreet. go over the first crossroads and at the second crossroads beside the royal oak, turn left as if you were going to join the high Street and you will see 2 or 3 bikes parked on the street about 100yds down from the crossroads by the back of the Golden Pheasant hotel.

    Anyone else can meet us there too.

    If the roads stay dry we'll tootle via Charlbury but if its damp (isnt yet :yo: ) then we'll A40 it.

    My Moby is 07721 038628 might see people there.

    Tom M
  9. XXscraper

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    Bloody weather......just about to set off and had water proofs on when my mate floss phoned and said it was pissing down on the A5 and reports from another in oxford were shite too so we cancelled :xm

    Looked like it brightened up a bit later but how was it down there in the end, should we have persevered? :dunno:
  10. Bodmin

    Bodmin Guest

    In a word ........ WET! (but there were some interesting bikes there):yo:.

    Didn't take many piccies, as so wet, but here are the 3 I did take.

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  11. XXscraper

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    Cheers Bodmin, bloody shame about the weather, cant arrange anything in this ferkin country :cry:
  12. Bogieknight

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    Nick, you fair weather ponce!
  13. XXscraper

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    Ponce - no i'm not i was ready to go so up yours Steve man8um
  14. Bodmin

    Bodmin Guest

    Well I went anyway!! - and i'm still trying to dry out :cry: .

    CONFIRMATION OF DATE The Cassington Village site says the last Monday in June and 30th. Any other cofirmations. In Classic Bike it says 25th BUT they seem to get it wrong every year.
  16. Wreckless

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    Cassington 2008

    It's always the last Monday in June, so the 30th will be correct. Is a B.I.R.D meeting planned for this year? If so, mind if I tag along? I'll be going from Waddesdon, if anyone else local would care to join me.
  17. speed_demon666

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    Just to make this clear, THIS IS THE DATE FOR THE 2007 EVENT (saves people ringing me up saying its the wrong date for this year!:bang::bang:)
  18. wuz_uk

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    So when is it and who is going ??w;;v
  19. speed_demon666

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    its in 2007 and I cant remember who went cos it was such a long bloody time ago!!!!:bang::bang::bang:

    you been watching too much Dr Who and think you're a timelord???:eek::p

    I'll post up a NEW thread for this years:bang:
  20. Wolfie

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