Cancer rideout??

Discussion in 'Charity events' started by matty-on-the-back, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. matty-on-the-back

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    Right where do I start?.

    Don?t really know the best way to to put this so here goes. I have lost people in my family to the big C word? cancer. Everyday 20mins in the world someone dies from all different types of cancer and to be honest I am fucking sick off it. After seeing how my mum was I wouldn?t want anybody else in the world to be the same. That?s why I am asking for some advice or something as I would love to be able to organize an event and raise funds for Cancer Research. I just want to help in some way to help cure Cancer. I was thinking about something like doing a big ride out and asking for fees to join the ride out and all money is contributed to Cancer Research. Could anybody give any opinions or advice as I would love to be able to whip something up and I have never done anything like this before.


    Matty Tart

    Ok we are going to use this first post to list who's doing what. so heres the list

    Whole route

    Mick and Mandy
    steve and al


    Smix, south west section
    Big Sammy, south west section
    andy102, south west section
    Embabe, north east section
    Tony (guy from work) south east area
    Burgessz Graham & Sue (not sure which section)
    Duck n Dive (waiting to here if whole route or just a section)
    Nursey61, northern section
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  2. silverfox.xx

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  3. richard

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    Spot on m8y, lost my mum too i would be up for it.

  4. big sammy

    big sammy Guest

    count me in matt, lost my mum to cancer when she was 46 very sad
  5. bmwdumptruck

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    Lost mum in 2000 after three years fight, and a good mate is fighting stomach type cancer, and has been for two years now.

    Depending on what you get up to I'll do my best to help.

    How about some kind of round britain run, some way of linking all forum members up in a contiuous ride.
  6. Jen Ataylia

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    As part of my job I organise charitable events, but not quite on the scale you are thinking about. What I have found out through exerience is that people tend to expect to pay out for things on the actual day of events i.e have things to sell on the day rather than pay out up front for things, if that makes sense. Another thing to think about is contacting the large organisations like supermarkets who are usually very willing to support such good causes like this by supplying refreshements, prizes, donating money to the cause and such. Your ride out seems like a great idea though, good luck.

    Yes we need to find a cure for cancer, but I think its also good to remember the charities that look after people who already have this terrible disease.
  7. derek kelly

    derek kelly The Deli lama Club Sponsor

    Good for you Matty, I hope whatever you organise is a great success, good luck mate :yo:
  8. matty-on-the-back

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    Brilliant idea I must admit, will take this into consideration. And sorry to hear about all your mums/dads lads :B :B :B
  9. tonymac

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    Ok if this is going to be a serious event then i will do everything i can to help matty organise it.
    I will start by getting intouch with various cancer charities and talking to them.
    Me and matty will keep everyone updated on the progress.

    Would appriciate feedback on the following:-

    1. time of year to aim for.
    2. Any routes that people have in mind and how far they would like to ride
    3. Any thoughts on other things to do on the day .
    4. Anything else you can think of

    At the end of the day we would like it to be community event so everyone can have a say and suggest

  10. mick the knife

    mick the knife Registered User Read Only

    What ever you decide you have my 101% support,
  11. Bluey

    Bluey Registered User Read Only

    Lost my mother in 1994 aged 62 i am up for it
  12. Pie Boy

    Pie Boy Registered User Read Only

    lost my mother last year aged 65 to cancer and a good mates just been diagnosed at 52. I don't have a bike at the mo but I'm in 100%
  13. tonymac

    tonymac Registered User Read Only

    ok e-mails have gone of to cancer research and Macmillan.
    we have chose these because I'm all for finding a cure but we must not forget about the people that take care of our loved ones.
    I will keep every one updated as and when things develop.

  14. big harv

    big harv Happy and Gratefull Read Only

    Spot on Matty and well done Tony for Fronting up to help the organizing. I'm sure all will agree this is a big job ( no jokes please)Like the rest of you Ive been effected by cancer in my familly Keep us informed please.
  15. derek kelly

    derek kelly The Deli lama Club Sponsor

    Both very worthwhile causes & I personally feel that the MacMillan nurses tend to get forgotten about

    how about Clic-sargent, birds adopted charity? :dunno:
  16. Minkey

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    who took my post away

    OK who took my post off this thread?????????? and why
  17. tonymac

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    ok what did it say?

    i have had emails to say what peeps have posted on this thread but i have not had one to say you have posted
  18. Minkey

    Minkey Ok it was me Club Sponsor


    I said that it was a great idea and BIRD should get behind Matty, because you never know when you may need treatment for cancer, I say this as a cancer sufferer who does need any help I can get. Lets hope it is not you
  19. matty-on-the-back

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    Well i have posted on a few bike sites im on and have had an amazing response from everybody saying there up for it which is a big thumbs up.

  20. tonymac

    tonymac Registered User Read Only

    Well i'm sure the guys on here would not have deleted it, no reason why they should.


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