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Discussion in 'Help with all other issues' started by derek kelly, May 21, 2018.

  1. derek kelly

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    I'm with the AA through my bank account but have discovered that it only covers my car, I'm looking for something that covers bike & both cars + Bev to be included, looking online Isn't producing any results.
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    rac maybe not the cheapest but ticks your boxes :aaaaa:
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    You will need to check but when I was with Green Flag I paid an extra £10 to cover the bike.

    Me and mrs A were covered in any vehicle we were in, even as a passenger, with the car being the 'main' vehicle on the policy.

    Reading this thread made me check my cover....just realised I have been lobbing £80 a year at Green Flag despite the fact that the car had three years breakdown cover included when I bought it:demon7:
  4. DEG5Y

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    When I had cover through my bank, I just rang the AA, explained, they upped the cover and I paid the remainder.

    BUT, as that was the only perk I was using by paying to 'upgrade' my account, it actually works out more expensive.
    So I 'down graded and just paid the normal figure.

    PS With the AA I'm sure it's the driver/rider that is covered in/on any private vehicle that is transporting them.
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  6. lee j

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    +1 Auto Aid - unfortunately had to use them to recover bike from Northumberland to Beds. (250 miles) last Saturday when rear shock decided to dump all its hydraulic fluid. Excellent service though for the bike using SOS Motorbikes. Policy covers all private vehicles (me and swimbo) ie cars and bikes plus any that you are in/on which you are using. UK only though and whereever you decide to go ensure you get a policy that covers you nationwide as several breakdown/recovery policies have a limit of 20 miles then you pay mileage excess after that - then it gets expensive. AutoAid - £40 per annum but saved me a few hundred just in this one callout/usage.

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