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Black or Blue

Crazy Legs

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Black or Blue?

Why not have both...

I haven't done much except for the spray job:
Polished rear wheel - all my own (bloody hard) work.
6mm rear shock spacer.
Frame plugs.
Studded front pegs.
Polished zorst downpipes, footpeg hangers, and front forks.
Double bubble screen.

The logo on the fairing is Blackbird in Japanese. And the paint is Metalic black with a blue flake, fading to a metallic blue with a black flake.
(The cat is doing an impression of a rabbit).

At the moment I'm fed up with polishing - so the front wheel can wait until Winter !!

The Pilot Sport HPX's seem to work well. Anyone else got any feedback on these tyres?

Take it easy - yeah right!


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hi legs like the paint.
just got back from a weekend tour of wales done nearly 500 miles on the hpx's wet and dry they seemed fine went with a group of advanced rider instuctors so we were cracking on a bit just turned 3000 miles with them the front still looks like new the rear maybe get another 2000 i hope I leant over further than i have ever done on the bird and she was very stable on them I dont have much to compare them with the last set were 207's and weren't suited to the bike and only lasted 2500 the front went out of shape and the rear squared off badly how do you rate your's R#? blu

Crazy Legs

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Hi Blu,
Glad you like the paint.
Yes - I also had 207's a little while ago, and the back squared off really badly and the front triangulated. It handled like a 3 legged cow in a sand pit. (Bit like my old CBX1000Z years ago)!
The bike never seemed to settle when in mid corner.
The HPX's have a different profile, most noticable on the back, and although I'm no corner hero, the KFC on the roundabout side is less than 1mm. (6mm on the other "real man's" side:cry: I think a trip to France is called for!!

Keep your arse out of the gravel!


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Guys, I've had Dunlops and thought they were pants

Crazy Legs-like ya paintwork mate!

I'm now running 020's and I've no virgin rear tyre on either side, infact it's off the edge on the left. No problem with squaring off and ok in the wet too, but they do love warm conditions and they retain the heat for ages, so you can go have ya cuppa and get straight at it when ya return.

C ya at the Bash :beer: and then I'm off to Spain with the crew just 3 days later :yo:

Melvyn Pearson

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Like the paintwork M8.
Are the JAPANESE BLACKBIRD WRITING DONE IN paint or are they transfers?
How much work involved in this........Could you give me a quick run down on how you done it.........as I would like it done but I am not very DIY orientated

Crazy Legs

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Transfers - nope - airbrushing.

Hi Melvy

After the main panels were sprayed, they were laquered, then the airbrushing was put over the top and then laquered again.

The only trouble with stickers is, they may peel off if not laquered but they feel crap when you clean the bike.

The rim was hard work. It started off with Nitromors paint stripper, to strip off the paint. Unfortunately only the smooth painted areas came off. The rest of the rough cast spokes and hub was down to 100 grit wet and dry sandpaper. The cast markings were removed with a small grinding stone in a drill. When all the paint was cleaned off, I rubbed it down again, in differing grades of wet'n'dry down to 1000 grit. Then I used apolishing wheel (sisal) with aluminium polish and finished of with a stitched mop.

It was really hard work and I am going to leave the front until winter. This time I may get the wheel shot blasted first to clean off all the paint.

I believe that some companys will do all the hard work for you for about ?90 per wheel. Trouble is finding a good company.

Hope this helps mate.


Melvyn Pearson

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Thanks for that M8
I think it will be a workshop/other person to do mine cause I would really like the wheels polished.
With regard to the airbrushing I have my lid away in Engand at the moment geeting airbrushed by a guy in SWINDON..racepaint....anyone ever hear tell of him. So I hope it turns out the biz
Thanks again for the info ..... a lot of hard work but the bike definitely looks the bees and eees.