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Best bike I ever owned

Discussion in 'Owners Bikes' started by Samster, Sep 13, 2002.

  1. Samster

    Samster chamon motherf*cker Read Only

    .....ah how I miss her........'89 750F-K.........over 110,000 on her and the motor and gearbox seemed to just get better and better and better with every thou........amazing bike...........hope my 'Birdie's got the same longevity!

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  2. Cyclops

    Cyclops Registered User Read Only

    When you say 89

    do you mean 1889, it cant be 1989 cos colour cameras were invented then:}
  3. birdinflight

    birdinflight Registered User Read Only


    Derek had a red 1989 FJ. He would agree, best bike he's had. Only problem was it needed new shock etc and really couldn't carry us and luggage.

    Cyclops........your'e a cheeky sod:eek: :p
  4. Samster

    Samster chamon motherf*cker Read Only

    Very good Cyclops.........!...........in fact the reason I posted it black and white was because although she was a lovely bike and I used to love the colour, I'm now somewhat embarassed that it was purple with pink bits.................the photo doesn't show off the pink detailing on the frame and swing-arm too well but trust me it was there!!

    B.I.F - do you mean a Yam FJ or the VFR 750 FJ?.............Sam

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  5. birdinflight

    birdinflight Registered User Read Only


    VFR 750 FJ.:p

    Funny, thought someone would think that!! Actually I think it was an '88???. It was a great bike though. I think its still round somewhere, but it did need some dosh spent on it.

    We had a '94 one after that, that was very good too, but yet again struggled a bit to keep up with the bigger bikes when we were two up and with luggage. So, along came the Bird!!! If only it wouldn't vibrate though :B

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